Gas mileage on 00 to 04 V6 Mustang

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  1. I didn't mean it as a negative question. I was just curious.
  2. I know. :banana:
  3. 03 V6, 3.8, automatic tranny, 'vertible with 23K miles on it using 87 octane and I get 16 town and haven't measured it on the road. No freeway driving here, rural roads and some four lanes but not freeways.

    We had a 96 V6 3.8 stick shift 'vertible and it got 18 town and 21 on the road. Senior citizens so we don't dog it that much. Just got the 03 two weeks ago and haven't taken a trip in it yet but if we get 19 - 20 on the road I'll be happy.
    Long trips we use the Grand Marquis and it gets 23.
  4. What with having had a V8 I suspect you'd be heavy footed on the V6 and all we get is 16 around town, auto tranny uses more gas so I'm happy with 16 plus this time of year AC always on here in SC. Early mornings and late evenings we put the top down but it's just to darn hot to drop it in the heat of the day. The dawg rides with us most of the time and she doesn't do well in constant burning sun with 90% humidity, . . . and niether do we.
  5. Win what??? Beware of what???
  6. not to mention you could also factor in savings on insurance aswell.

    and this thread is full of idiots ... this thread started with a question, why not try and answer it, instead of filling the page with useless crap. No wonder the V6 forums are dead.