Gas Mileage

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  1. Just had a quick question...Ive tried to google it but I cant really get a straight anwser, and im not in the best position to do a road test at this time....In June ill be driving my 00 GT 1500 miles, I was wondering if anybody had a ballpark figure on how many hwy mpg I can expect. The only mods I have are FLomaster H pipes and KN Cold Air Intake, thanks guys/gals
  2. i average 20mpg with the mods in my sig
  3. so you have a 2000 GT, stock except for flowmaster cat back and a K&N CAI?

    How many miles do you have on your GT?
  4. Yes, stock excluding the CAI and Exhaust, its 5 spd and has 52,000
  5. depending on your crusing speed, low to mid 20s.
  6. I can't keep my foot out of it for long enough to get good gas mileage.
  7. not a problem. :nice:

    may or may not be true, but using the ac at highway speed is more economical than with your windows down.
  8. really? ive always wanted to do a test like that. anyway, i get about 19 in the city- i don't do much highway driving
  9. i got about 215 all city driving on a full tank....
  10. 215 miles a tank?

    I used to push 300, but that was running it until the low fuel light came on.

  11. yea, in one tank.....i had about 1/2 a quarter left in when i decided to fill up again.....i dont have a low fuel light so i cant wait for that to come on...haha...

  12. WHAT????? I wish my car would get 300 out of a tank. I push about 220. DANG. Altough mine is all city driving.
  13. That's when my car was all stock with nothing but highway driving. Now I'm lucky to get 200 a tank before filling up :(. Living in the city sucks
  14. I would avg 27mpg in my 00gt....with a best of 29.9mpg....over 400 miles/fill-up. Mostly stock car with cruise set at 70-73 mph.
  15. its amazing how good of gas mileage we can get when we want to i only get 20+ when i'm not driving like steve mcqueen.
  16. I have to origanal sticker from my car. It's rated at 18 city and 26 highway. When my car was stock I once got 28 mpg on a trip. I just took got back yesterday from a long trip and average 27 mpg on the highway with the current mods listed below. I can't explain it. I usaually average 19 mpg of mixed driving. Pearl02.
  17. I drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Manchester, NH last year. The best I got was 29.6 mpg, driving 67 mph with cruise control on through Ohio. Never went below 26 mpg as long as I kept my speed down. But in the city I get about 13 mpg.
  18. 19 city
    25 highway.

    I drive my car semi-aggresively.