gas pedal mod...a pain!!!

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  1. :lol: :rlaugh: Why would I need to insult you? You're doing a great job of insulting yourself. And sure, I'll tackle your Honda Element in the quarter....bring it on. By the way, the Integra is a joke. You'd be EXTREMELY lucky to beat a bone stock Civic SI, much less my Stang. I don't talk alot of smack, but, pal, when YOU learn something about car modification, then you can talk smack to me. Until then, have a fun time racing GT's and flying past them at 80mph after they let off, loser. :owned:
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    Eh, I think my GS-R (car number 102) is just a little faster than an Si. :rolleyes: Whenever you're ready buddy. I'll also have my Nissan going within the next month. Maybe you'd like to race that instead?


    Better make it quick with this one, by the end of the year I'll have the VG33 shortblock in there with the VG30 heads and T3/T04E hybrid turbo. When I get the fuel system up to where I need it, I'll be pushing about 20 lbs of boost. Dont worry, I'll have the front mount also. And the LSD from the 88 Shiro Sport. Gonna sport the stock Borg Warner T5 tranny too. Like I said, whenever you're ready. :nice:

    Oh yeah, and to your GT comment, that third slip there was against one of those neato GT's you were talking about. I think you were right though, about 80 mph is where I started pulling pretty good. ;) :owned:

  3. :lol: :uzi: Oh wow, that was really funny...whew. *Checks slips, compares with yours.....checks again* Um, I'm I supposed to be impressed with that minute rice of yours? Maybe I'm reading your slips wrong, but.....have you hit 12's? What's that? No? Then, who are you trying to impress? Nice $5 carbon fiber hood by the way, I bet that got you another 30 HP right? :rlaugh: Oh man, that piece of crap Nissan...well...I'm not even getting into that. I'll take u in the quarter, assuming you can get either of your 100,000+ mile 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' junk cars to make it to the starting line still running. People like you are an insult to the whole import scene. Why not just name yourself "Brian Spilner"? As far as you getting a good pull at about eighty, yeah, maybe that's when you started pulling your head out of your [email protected]@ and realizing that your car isn't half the speed you think it is. But, I'll give you credit for one are good for a laugh. *checks your slips again* :rlaugh: I'm done wasting my words on you...but you'd think that if everyone on this site keeps telling you you're an idiot, maybe, just maybe, they're right. Oh, and as for hurrying up and beating your Nissan, at the end of this month I'm buying my best friends 2001 Cobra convertable with a paxton supercharger, amongst many other mods....still up for that quarter run? I bet it pulls pretty good around 80. Maybe stories of a 13-15 second quarter impress your ricer buds, but, move on, you ain't impressing me here. :owned:
  4. Oh, and by the way? A geo metro with turbo is fast. If your car had any kind of guts at all, you wouldn't need that. But I do think it's funny...all that wasted money and 12's. Anyhow, this whole thing is :OT: so if you want to start a thread over in the SVT forum about how you can take anything they have in the quarter, be my guest. Otherwise, I've got nothing more to say to you...talking to you is dropping my I.Q. like a rock...I feel dumber just looking at that nasty dime-a-dozen Integra. And did u get rejected by the ricer sites or something because last I checked, this is a Mustang site and you don't seem to have one...... :scratch: :flame:
  5. Actually no, the carbon fiber hood was put on because I liked the way it looked. And if you mean to tell me your V6 is a 12 second car, then feel free to shut up. I have yet to see your fast car. I've posted MY cars. And FYI, a VG33 block with the VG30ET heads under 20 psi of boost will be a little more than you're thinking. I'm not "fast and furious" by any means, but at least I'm presenting my facts. Let's see yours.
  6. Oh and no, I don't run 12's yet, but I run alot faster than mid 14's. The reason I said ur slow is b/c u seem to think u have the best Integra on the planet, yet there's plenty faster...way faster.....way way faster....and also, well, my cars faster. :cool: Any time

  7. Well, well, well...someone's gettin po' Well, I suppose I'll give you a response. Right now, I don't have a scanner b/c before joining up here, I've never seen the need for one. So at the moment, I don't have any available pics to post, or anything else and for what I care, you can say what you want about that....I don't need to brag about my car on the net, I like to show what it can do in person. But, there are 3.8's out there running 10's, so if you think 12's are impossible...well...that's just your incompetence showing again. I'll have to go digging for a time slip to give you an exact number....wait, I'm not digging through my stuff just to prove something to you. Why should I care what you think? I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings saying that your mom's hand me down Integra isn't the fastest thing I've ever seen, or even close for that matter, but, reality hurts. And as for my 3.8L taking out either of your friend, that is reality at it's finest. I've said it before, I'll say it again...this thread is not about how fast your rice can go, nor is any part of this entire site designed for the discussion of an Integra in any way. That said, you must be pretty bored to come on here time and time again and tell everyone what pieces of crap we drive. I have just two words for you..GROW UP.
  8. But on topic, was your old hood broken? Then why'd u fix it? This guy changed his pedals because he likes the way the new ones look. You flamed him, so unless your hood was damaged before you replaced it, you need to flame yourself for being hypocritical.
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    A rather large rock flew up and hit my car on the highway. It was moving towards me as I was doing approx. 70 mph. I estimated the impact was about 100 mph since the rock came from the other side of the highway from traffic heading towards me. That answers that question. No hypocracy here. ;) And the funny thing is, you compared your slips to mine in a previous post. Now you have to go digging for them? Highly unlikely. I know for a fact that your V6 with the mods you have listed does not run mid 14's let alone faster than that as you claim. I'm not claiming any kind of numbers I havent run yet. Only thing I said was my Nissan will be faster with the engine modifications I plan on doing, which isn't a lie. I never claimed a specific number. Anything else you'd like to know?
  10. Integra's don't have a 12 second car with those mods
  11. Oh yeah, the regulars around here actually like me.
  12. well, I didn't say that.....I just said you were right :)

    But the fact that the guy just has this:
    2003 Mustang 3.8L Jet Black

    Engine: BBK cold air induction system, custom true dual exhaust system with dual Flowmaster mufflers, BBK chrome strut tower brace

    If it said something about twin turbos, I could see 12 sec. ET's. Unless he's talking about 1/8 mile, it ain't happening. Even justin on had a hell of a time hitting 12's
  13. hey teggie, have you seen this vid yet?

    it might give you some ideas as to where you want to go with your Z. there is a badass red one featured in that video with some mild modding including a t68 greddy turbo.

    I didn't even know the old z's had an open End diff.
    are they live axle or independant?

    and when are you going to reveal what you've done to the gsr to make it run mid 14's for under 1 grand? hehe

    and to the rest of you guys, you should check out
    the snakeeater section has some of the best racing vids i've seen. very entertaining to watch.

    next month the stang will b gone... but its all good
    im moving up to something with a littlre more standard power.
    im thinking of an ls1 t/a, or holding on to my money and look for a wrecked MKIV supra. my dad and me know how to do bodywork so its not much of a problem.
    i've been doing a bit of research lately too. I still cannot find the difference between the 2JZ-GE and the 2jz-GTE motor besides the turbo. i'm willing to bet that the GE motor bottom end, rods and pistons might not be the same as the ones in the GTE. but if the difference is only the turbo then why not just get a N/A MKIV and add a t88, or t04r later down the road? anyone here care to school me about supras?
    i think i have a problem with jacking threads lol
  14. Just go over to Read around there for a bit after you register. Someone will have to confirm your membership, but you might still be able to browse the forums and look for what you need. Like I said, I dont know if the 2JZ-GE has the oil squirters or not, and the bottom end may be a little different. It might be like the difference between the B18C1 and the B18C5.

    To answer your question, my 300 is an independant rear. I may go to a solid axle for better hookups in the 1/4. I'm going to build it for straight line performance with some handling power. I think some friends of mine are trying to put together a little fun drift competition this year. So I'm thinking about doing that. =D
  15. you might want to do some research into wether it is recommended to have an independant rear for drifting or not.

    i do not know this, but the thought came up in my head that it might be a factor because I do not think i've seen a live axle vehicle do drifting, and there could be a reason for that. Unless the oldschool corolla are live axle, who knows.

    live axle is beter for drag yes, but you can still achieve decent 60' times with independant with the right suspension setup to control the wheel hop. and a sticky set of tires help too. the new cobras are IRS and they kick asss on and off the drag strip.
  16. finally you have a taste if your won medicine...people are putting a blast on your hood fiber...and you claim is that u wanted to make your car look good...thats exactly what i wanted my new pedals make my older pedals history and more better looking...don't you feel like an idiot....ohh are already one...sorry
  17. Well, my stock hood was damaged. And rather paying for a hood and then paying to have it paint matched to my car, I just bought the CF hood. Your pedals were not damaged in any way, so no, I dont feel like an idiot. And actually, a hood is a bit more visible than pedals are. FYI, I'm going back to a stock hood because the black of the hood clashes with the gunmetal wheels.
  18. haha, so much anger. dude, who cares what integgie says about ur pedals. most of us on here personally wouldn't do such a mod, but hey its your money.

    i dont know if you've been on this board long enuf to notice, but there is no point argueing with him. he has a smart mouth and will never change, just let everything slide with him. he's actually got some relevant things to say when hes not making fun of anyone.

    argueing over the boards is kind of pointless anyways. just let him say what hes gotta say and let it be that. he likes stangs too, hes no ricer.
  19. dont both with it, i did and the cable just got stretched back if i take the spacer off my petal is really bad :)