gas pedal mod...a pain!!!

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  1. Oh, that was my fault...I meant to say, "There's nothing but a bunch of rice boys running this ENTIRE V6 FORUM."
  2. I thought that was your last post. Oh, and no one is saying a V6 cant run 14's...we're saying YOUR V6 doesnt run 14's. They might like you over at
  3. what a f**ktard.........I run 13's, but I have forced induction and bunch of other stuff
  4. Your an idiot mean03v6 of corse v6's can go faster (if you put a buncha power adders on them) but your stocker isn't going to break into the 14's or 13's as you claim it to be able to do. You have only 2 mods and there bolt on's your lucky if you got 10hp over stock. I think we will all be relieved when you leave. thanks, don't reply just leave.
  5. :rolleyes: Could someone please tell me where I claimed my car to run any time at all? I have not stated a quarter mile time, or any other time, for my car. So, who's the idiot?
  6. You are.

    You're all talk and hot air with nothing to back yourself up. Christian drives a Japanese car, this is true. We're on Stangnet, a Mustang website - true also. He also posted some pretty quick timeslips for you, and has been around for long enough that we at least tolerate him here. ;) You, on the other hand, have been making nothing but bogus claims and windy appeals to some nebulous group action against the Teg driver, as well as personally attacking him by insinuating he's gay, etc. I personally think the V6 Mustang seems to attract the ricer-type people, such as yourself, more than the V8 or the I4. That is just my opinion. It is also my opinion that you're nothing more than an internet badass who can do nothing more than talk. Once you take some time to become an established and respected member of this site, maybe then we'll give some thought to what you say. As it is, you're a buzzing fly.

  7. Anyone else recall that post number 60 was his "last post in this thread?"
  8. :lol: That'd be a good post, but for a couple of things. 1. The "Teg", as u so ricer-style put it, driver posts "wink" smilies on every post. I just pointed that out. If that offends u, then why not tell him not to do that and no body would be pointing it out. 2. If I was ricer-type, would I own a Mustang and hate rice? That doesn't make any sense. 3. As far as I care, you can take your respected established opinion and shove it. I don't view people who have been here longer any different than I view newbies, and the fact that you do shows that you pack quite the ego...much like "Teg." I guess you think you know it all since you've posted more...yeah, that theory is very sound. 4. I'm not, as you say, "a buzzing fly." If you want to use that logic, I'm more the bumble bee....I hang around, let you take your best shots, then I take mine. Which leads me to 5. You're right....he does not own a Mustang and he is on a Mustang site. That should say something in and of itself. 6. As far as being an "internet badass", which qualifies as a personal attack in and of itself, thus making you a hypocrite, I have no desire to fight with anyone on the forum. I joined to talk about Mustangs and meet fellow Stangers who share the enjoyment of owning one. If I joined Import Tuner's forums, I would expect to get flamed for owning a Mustang. It's the same way here for you ricer boys, so why are you surprised about it? 7. I've still not posted any times for my car. Full of hot air? How? I haven't made a single claim. 8. "Teg" can count. That would have been my last post but since you felt the need to continue verbally attacking me, I feel the need to defend myself. Thanks.
  9. I'm backing up Integra here. Post slips, or shut the f*** up. You might think you're running 9s in your car, but that's because your ignorant and have never been to a track. Until you post slips or even give us numbers, you're slow just like me :) I own a 16 second v6 and proud of it. Integra is kind of like ganador, you learn to love em. It's ok to brag about your car, but don't say your stock motor can run 8s.
  10. :cheers: I respect that post...but I never claimed any quarter mile time. For the record, ganador's a pretty cool dude. He hasn't given me any trouble...nor has anyone else on any other thread (and the "Subaru" thread, but it's the same people that's on this thread.) Just this one because someone seems to think that I said "Hey, check out my V6..I run 7 flat in the quarter." even though I never did.
  11. At least you have good typing skills. :rlaugh: Let it drop,'re in the wrong this time, chalk it up to experience and move on. :)

    And "Teg" is a legitimate shortening of "Integra".


  12. Ok, honestly, what's the problem with having someone who doesn't own a mustang on this board? Every import board I'm on has a few domestic guys. I'm friends with a few of the CICC (Central Indiana Camaro Club) guys around here. I dont hate domestics. I actually sorta like Mustangs. And I do believe you're wrong on the not claiming anything part. You distinctly claimed you run faster than me. You laughed at my slips, compared them to yours, and continued laughing. Now I guarantee anyone looking at that post would understand that you were meaning you're faster. You asked me to count your claims, you have 1. I may not own a Mustang, but I sure know the limitations they have and their performance capabilities.
  13. Did anybody else see this???????????? I take this to mean that he's running 12's.
  14. :stupid:
  15. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :nonono: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Ok, let me set this straight hopefully for the last time...the comment I made that contained "12's" was in reference to this. I would be hard pressed, and :damnit: I mean HARD-PRESSED to find an IMPORT in my area that ran 14's...or anything over 12's for that matter. THAT why you aren't impressing me, not because I can run 12's but because you don't. It's no big deal for an Integra to run mid-14's so I fail to see why it's the fastest one in your head. But it does little good to argue anything with someone who has their mind made up about something. You have yours made up that I'm an idiot who thinks he runs 12's and that your Integra is the absolute best fastest car out there. Fine, you're entitled to whatever you think. And I'm not even going to waste breath on that anymore. However, I have my mind made up that yes, I could definitly give you a run in the 1/4 no matter what the slips say. Might I point out that this is the internet...those slips could be from a Trans Am for all I know. Nowhere does it say it's your Integra and yes, I know, slips always read like the ones you post it. But I don't believe everything I see on this internet. What looks good on paper doesn't always come off that way in reality. As for you can chalk your post up to stupidity and move on. But thanks for complimenting my typing skills. If you think I can type, you should see me race. Maybe if you guys were less egotisical and more realistical, you would gain the approval of a lot more newbies on this board. But since you obviously love to act an idiot and diss us b/c you feel your knowledge of cars is neverending, then I don't see why you are surprised that..frankly...we don't like you. Remember, this whole thing started with Christian dissing the guy who started this thread for swapping out his pedals. "Internet badass?" Dude, Asha, you and Christian are the true meaning of the word.
  16. Dont believe me? Feel free to go to, sign up on those forums, and ask anyone there what I run. That is, if you feel the need to verify my claim. Nowhere did I claim my Integra is the fastest thing ever. I just said it's faster than your car. I know plenty of people with fast cars. Like I said, I know where my car lies in reference to other cars I come up against.

    Didn't you say something about leaving? :shrug:
  17. Didn't you say something about leaving? :shrug:[/QUOTE]

    You know, I was going to give you some props...but then you had to try to be a badass again so scratch that. Nah, I'm not leaving and Nah, I don't believe you. Until I actually run you, I'm never going to believe 100% that you could beat me. And we are never going to run, so what's the point in arguing? In so far as validating your claims is concerned, honestly, I don't care whether they are true slips are not. This argument has grown incredibly stale, so unless you care to CONTINUE once again to personally attack me, I'd like to see it end. You know what you know, I know what I know, everything else is speculation. Rather than sink to your level and end this post with an attack, I think I'll just say have a nice day. :D
  18. Amazing. :rolleyes:

  19. Oh come on, sink, it's fun down here.

  20. No one said it yet so I'm just gonna say it. Welcome to the boards man haha. You've already met a crapload of us on a bad note so far but its all good :). Just give up on integra and let this thread die already, its impossible to own him.