gas prices in your area

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  1. How much is gas in your area, i know here in Texas its $2.25 :notnice:
  2. MD were lookin at around 2.18 for 87 octane... i heard we might be lookin at close to 3.00 this summer :(
  3. In seattle area its average is 2.34 way too much...
  4. $2.19 for 87 (if you're lucky). On average I'd say it's anywhere from $2.24 to $2.29 for 87 though.
  5. Here in Minnesota its right around $2.20-$2.30 for regular. Thats crazy cause it never gets that high in the midwest.
  6. (87) $2.35 in Buffalo, NY.
    (93) $2.55 in Buffalo, NY.
  7. It's $2.27 here for regular
  8. $2.25 for 87 here in Kansas....$2.39 for 93
  9. I live right next to Iowa which is where I usually gas up, nearest city, and if I'm lucky and need gas when it drops for a day or two I can get it around $2.05 at times but most often it's $2.17 or so now.
  10. I filled up on 2.12 today...thank god I don't have a V8 right now....ugh.
  11. ^tru that. my buddy just got an 00 gt and a crazy commuter job :bang: good thing it looks like itll pay well to cover all that gas... i wonder if hell keep his 4 banger stang around a little longer
  12. Try 2.55 for 93 octane
  13. 2.20 for 87 in charlotte NC
  14. 2.29 last week in North Dakota. Just dropped yesterday to 2.19. Expected to average at 2.34 over the summer. Whats crazy is we make the gas here, pump it here, why can't we get it for less. BS!!! :notnice: . Ethanol in 89-90 octane is cheaper here now though. Our state is dropping its tax on it to promote it. It will be like 1.99 to 2.10 while the rest is higher. Right now its still at 2.15, lower then 87 octane.
  15. 2.65 in california right now. takes over 40 to fill. im glad i dont have an 8 but man the prices arnt droping hear the state summer average will be almost 3 a gal eeewww yuk and its only 87 octane. my cars gona barf of this cheap gas.
  16. 2.04 at the local Gate station
  17. $2.19...93 Octane New Jersey
  18. hmm

    2.30 in maine
  19. 91 is 2.50 NM

  20. $2.30 for which grade :shrug: . Im not far from westbrook and its $2.19 for reg.