gas prices in your area

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  1. 2.09 down the street from me now at a brookshires.... :hail2:
  2. Sacramento, CA. 2.65, 2.75, 2.85 at the chevron down the road from my house. And remember in Cali, that 2.85 for the good stuff is only 91 octane :bs: :bang:
  3. Geez, and remember, we were complaining back then
  4. Those were the days...
  5. As of last evening driving home from work in Eastern PA, it was $3.199 for 87 close to home, and $3.299 closer to work (more expensive area).

    I haven't been out of the house yet today. :notnice:
  6. Yeah, 3.15 for 87 at walmart might be down to 3.08 but still just 2 weeks ago it was 2.57... This sux... But well this is what we have to pay thanks to those ass holes and their huge trucks and gas guzzlers that they dont even FREAKING NEED! I hate seeing ppl at a gas station filling up a huge excursion or something and be like 110 lbs. and by themselves and when u ask them what the truck is for they say just because they felt like it, WTF, i dont understand whats the problem with driving normal cars, i honestly prefer seeing honda's then hummers anyday, hondas and our 6 banger mustangs help keep gas prices down :flag: But yea gas will only keep going up and theres nothing we can do about it, just make ur cars as good on gas as possible.
  7. Here in Oregon, it's aboot $2.90 for expensive gas.. which would be less if only Oregon would give up on the stupid law that says we can't pump our own gas, we have to pay extra for the privelage of having a hung-over ex-con working for minimum wage bump the side of our cars 5 times with the nozzle before he finally gets it in the hole.. But I also agree with what GTA said.. seeing one person in an Escalade or an Excursion, by themselves, is crazy. One person could just as easily be transported in a Focus--or a V6 Mustang! And get double the fuel economy, or more. If you have a real need for the utility of a full-size SUV, great, go nuts. But using a beast like that, by yourself, as a work-to-home commuter is crazy. Now I'm not a tree-hugger liberal by any means, but come on, using a vehicle that gets maybe 14 mpg as a commuter when you could be getting twice that in a much cheaper vehicle is BS. There, that's my spouting off for the month. Feel free to tear it to shreds. :fuss:
  8. Exactly, im not a tree hugger either or i would have one of those electric cars but i mean come on seriously, this is just getting crazy, i mean even if you have it for a weekend car or something thats still fine because a guy where i work has 2 trucks a gmc and a chevy and the gmc is all hooked up with rims and crap and i imagine its not the best on gas, but he doesnt use it to get to work and stuff. Its his weekend car for his family, he has a motorycycle to get to work and back and around. Thats the smart thing to do. I mean just because you can afford the gas, doesnt mean everyone else can, and when u do pay a lot dont complain, its only your fault!
  9. depends on where you go in town.

    $3.30+ at the in town Mobil

    $3.05-12 on the highway
  10. just filled the focus today @ $3.16
  11. Gas dropped to 2.74 in Lubbock TX. Not cheap but at least it is moving in the right direction.
  12. Here in maryland it is $3.40/gallon still. I hate this. I am driving a Nissan Altima right now and it cost me $59 to fill up the tank. It sucks.
  13. Wow, I know that for the most part gas has dropped to $3.09/$3.15 here in Chicago.

  14. Some woman on the news last week was complaining about the fact that it cost her $70 bucks to fill her "car" BRIGHT WHITE CADDY ESCALADE :notnice:

    BTW the Gulf station on the corner re-opened 3 weeks ago and it's till $2.99 for 87 octane. :hail2:
  15. Don't Altima's need the higher grade gas? My dad works with someone and right on the dash of her Altima it says "SUPER ONLY" not regular, not premium, no it's 97 SUPER.
  16. Er, I think you got the wrong qoute Andy. I don't drive an Altima :( I think your question is directed to: Niterydr85
  17. Sorry Zinc. I'm sorta asleep.
  18. in the middle of *****ing nowhere missouri gas is still aroung 3 bucks for regular, but its liek 3.15 to 3.20 for prem. this sucks.
  19. Its $2.85 here in so cal and 2.60 from costco :rolleyes:
  20. Just dropped here to about 2.88