Gas prices in your area?

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  1. Man, the bay area sucks!! Paid $2.72/gal... Like previously stated, I thought getting under $3/gal was an accomplishment!! :nonono:
  2. we'r paying 3.37 here.

    stop whinning!
  3. :canada: You CAN move.... :D
  4. wow i guess i am going to win..because it is 1.81 in south jersey.
  5. pay me to move and ill move south for sure!
  6. What? Gas savings isn't payment enough? :shrug: Talk about whinning.... :rlaugh:
  7. I can't wait for those prices.... :flag:
  8. wtf why is gas so cheap!!??? let's all blame Bush!!!! :mad:
  9. :rlaugh: thats is funny....I am surprised they are not.
  10. Just over $3.00/gal for 91 octane where I'm at in SoCal
  11. 1.93 and going down everyday in taylors, SC
  12. Dropped to that price today here too. :D
  13. This isn't cheap... it's still higher than what it should be. :rolleyes:
  14. Its 2.13 for 87 octane here....and remember election time is coming up for all the local officials........
  15. $1.99 in oklahoma city.....i'm an asst mgr at a local covenient store......
  16. Are you serious? This is a limited resource that has to be transported great distances as well as undergo many refining processes. Yet despite all of that, we pay less per gallon than you would for milk :shrug:
  17. That argument assumes I think the price of milk is right. :lol: Gas is refined the same way today that it was 4 years ago. Not a lot of new technology there for us to pay for. If the transport, and refining process is SOOOO high, then why are the PROFITS for those companys SOOO high as well? :D
  18. its all to dang high....
  19. 87=$2.15 here in North Charleston,SC
  20. 2.43 in daytona yesterday.