Gas prices in your area?

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  1. can't do the conversion....too much here, but i consider it cheap as opposed to what we were paying a month ago
  2. That was funny :rlaugh: I'm just trying to open up the horizon a little. You do have some valid points. Sometimes you can't just look at a price compared to what it used to be though. You have to look at the big picture. Something like gas prices has so many factors that affect it...not even mentioning inflation.
  3. Good to see you have a sense of humor. :nice: And yeah, I hear you.... there is really only one factor to look at though. That is the oil company profits. EVERYTHING else (overhead) is factored in before that. Heck even the "reinvestments of technology" the always bring up... is BEFORE profits. Profits are the final... end of story, take it home in your wallet #. They have to do this, so it doesn't look even worse than it already does.

    BTW - gas just went UP to 1.99 here. :bang:
  4. I don't think so thank you very much, I'll keep paying the higher taxes & gas prices. Last night I talked to one of the Truck Drivers who haul our product to our American Customers, he's paying 1800 a month for family medical coverage :( ouch is all I can say! THats a boat load of cash. You guys can't all be getting dinged that much for medical coverage can you?
  5. He must be an independant..... when you work for yourself, yes, it can be that high. Which is one main reason I work for a fairly large company and freelance on the side, instead of freelancing all the time.
  6. remember that most companies set up profit based as a %. So when the price goes up the profits also go up...

    What I want to know is what is the profit $'s or % per gallon?
  7. When you find it, compare THAT to the percent markup of milk. :D
  8. I never knew I would have the chance to get so edjumacated on this site outside of the mustang world :p
  9. Not sure how to take this one.... wasn't sure if you were joking or not. :shrug: But I'm fairly confident in my comment based on the fact, a LOT of milk farmers in this area have had to sell their milk cows and change their careers to beef cattle, pigs, chickens, or even a more drastic change, sell the farm and get 8-5 jobs.

    We're still in a 3-4 year drought in this area... so HAY is now a limited resource. And expensive! The profit margin isn't there to keep them going. Many are getting government help to try and make it through. :(

    For some reason I don't hear much about the oil companies threatening to close up shop. :p

    BTW - gas went back down to 1.97 - :nice: Not really sure why the little spike, but glad to see the slope is back. :D
  10. $2.39 today in a DC suburb
  11. damn, its 2.21 if u go about 25mi north.
  12. about 2.49 is the lowest I have found in Albany, NY
  13. It was down to $2.11 a few days ago, but it went up to $2.12 today.
  14. Elections are over.... prices going back up. :bang:
  15. $2.12 Average

    $1.95 Low
  16. 2.49 for premium here in FL
  17. Its been $2.19 here for at least a month for 87 octane.
  18. paid $2.05 last night at wawa in douglasville, PA
  19. It's been staying around $2.29 for 87 around here for the last couple weeks.