Gas Prices

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  1. I just paid 3.91 for premium and it isn't even summer yet

  2. it will only go higher 3.00 gas is long gone
  3. I predict 4.50 for a gallon over the summer.
  4. I have been paying $5.49 a gallon for race fuel for the past year...your prices are cheap!

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  5. Their paying a pound a liter in england, thats about $8 a gallon...
  6. I started driving 10 years ago, and gas here was under $.90/gal. Gas prices have almost quadrupled in the last 10 years, and most of that has been the last 5 years. And the oil companies are making more profit and getting more tax breaks than ever. I really can't wait to have this oil bafoon out of office.
  7. $3.67 here for me, has gone up $.10 this month. WA has one of the highest gas taxes in the US, but we dont have state income tax.
  8. George Bush. He's the man. If we had elected Col. Sanders, would you have been surprised if the price of chicken went up.
    I forget, we didn't elect Bush. The Supreme Court gave him the presidency.
  9. Gas jumped like 30 cents from when i filled last week :(
  10. I was having an internal conversation with myself about trading in the stang for something more gas-friendly... Then some beat looking rice burner pulled up next to me and started reving his "so-called" engine. Well, about 20 seconds & a ...high... mph later his car was smoking black & I no longer cared as much about paying more to drive a mustang.
  11. HAHAHAHAH damn i hate all of you ! I pay 3.98 for 87 in California, 91 is 4.25
  12. Yeah, when president ****forbrains was elected (or should I saw TOOK office, since he LOST the election), gas was like $1.75. I don't think anything else has noticbly inflated since then, but now gas is pushing $4. AND oil refineries have more gas than they know what to do with, production way exceeds demand and there is no shortage to explain this. They make record profits, WHY? I wonder if a new president will actually make any difference on this. I doubt it, since this country is run by corporations and lobbyists.
  13. Wild guess--you don't do grocery shopping. The prices at grocery stores are going up alarmingly. Of course some of that is due to high fuel prices. If it's at a grocery store (or just about anything, anywhere), a truck probably delivered it.

    Also, this seemingly wonderful E-85 is using corn that could otherwise be used for cattle feed and people food. Plus, the fuel economy is worse, and you need to do scheduled maintenance on your car more often. Wonderful.
  14. You are right, I don't do much grocery shopping, but mroe importantly I never did any a few years ago, so I guess I don't notice price increases much at the grocery store.

    E85 has a lot of possibility as a performance fuel, in engines designed around it. Other than that, it is NOT the answer to our fuel needs, but I won't get into that now.
  15. we buy oil on the world market... the gov't has less to do with the price we pay than you think.
  16. I am tired of hearing about the evil, terrible, oil profiteering, economy trashing, George Bush! The man can barely talk, let alone affect our economy, or gas prices for that matter. I am also tired of hearing how the Evil Oil Companies are making so much money off of us. Most of Americans just repeat what they hear on the news or read in the paper. Here are a few facts for you guys.

    1. The imbedded Federal and State taxes on one gallon of gas averages 78 cents.

    2. Big Oil's profit on one gallon of gas is 11 cents.

    3. Big Oil has not raised their "profit margin" in over eight years!

    4. China, and India have increased their oil usage over 200 percent, in the last five years.

    5. The price of Oil is figured in American Dollars. The Dollar is weak right now, which is a HUGE contributor to the price of oil.

    6. The United States Government (not Bush!) has not approved the building of any "oil refineries" in the United States in the last twenty years.

    7. The United States Government (not Bush!) refuses to let us drill in Alaska, on land that was specifically set asside for oil drilling. (Anwar).

    8. Middle East Sheet Heads refuse to boost up oil production, in light of China, and India's increased oil consumption. Thereby creating less supply and more demand.

    9. A gallon of gas in the Middle east averages 20-35 cents a gallon.

    10. Ethanol production in the United States has gone up 500 percent in the last five years. You cannot distribute ethanol through pipelines as you can oil/gas/diesal. Therefore you must "truck" the fuel around. Those trucks run on regular diesal. Thus increasing our demand for oil, and food (<--That is another subject all together.)

    I could go on like this forever. I do this sort of stuff for a living. I do not wish to start a fight, just wanted you guys to hear the truth once! If you do not believe me, research it. The news and papers do not count. Those sources are more like fiction. I will be glad to debate or answer any questions. :flag:

  17. very enlightening. thank you for this information! finally...a man who questions what he reads!
  18. relax / because you aint seen nothin' yet!

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    the dollar is basically worthless now
  19. If we want cheaper gas, we need to drive smaller cars.
    If we want affordable health care, we need to lead healthier lives.

    Bless your little hearts for thinking the Federal Government can solve anything.
    You are your own responsibility. Pay your way through life.
  20. just the message we all needed on earth day

    and a a few random thoughts ...

    not everyone pays the same price for gasoline as someone above has pointed out

    but the worldwide demand does affect everyone (more or less) equally

    re- read Adam Smith and the Laws of Supply and Demand (your basic Economics 101 stuff)

    Fear (of running out) is distorting natural market forces at the local level, world wide

    "too much demand / too few goods"

    Hording is a natural response to troubled times

    China is building its own Strategic Oil Reserve.

    Worldwide Air Travel (planes/miles in the air) has never been greater than today

    Farming is the next casualty of high oil prices (think about what comes next)

    about 9.5 billion barrels of oil have been pumped and consumed on the planet since the 1860's

    Currently there are 340,500 births per day and over 6 billion people in the world, and counting

    or as my old dad always said, "There's just too many damn'd people!"

    enjoy these last few years of cheap oil

    because "you aint seen nothin' yet!"