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  1. And too many Americans do have broken backs, broken by the rich who don't give a damn. That's the truth. I know people who must chose between eating and buying medicine.
    Yes, we have a high standard of living compared to many countries. But the rich are starting to suck the life out of everyone else.
    I am not rich but am OK compared to many people. I donate to many causes, etc. because I know many people work hard both don't make enough to make ends meet.
    There are people really hurting. That is the truth.
  2. One of the biggest troubles I see is the nation's healthcare system. I cannot believe how much doctors and hospitals charge these days. $20 for 2 tylenol, when I was in the hospital 1 1/2 years ago. You gotta be kidding me!! My total cost was about $10,000 and I stayed for just one night and had surgery to repair a broken wrist.

    Insurance companies are now paying less and less of peoples' bills, too. It is almost out of control.

    I just hope they continue to pay for prescription medication because I would be miserable if I couldn't afford my pain medication.
  3. ok, i know this is going to get flamed BUT here is what i see. During hurricane katrina our gases prices hit about 3.50 during the storm. (I live about 120 miles from the gulf coast here in MS) Anyways, during the hurricane one of the major oil refineries in the US was damaged and unable to produce oil. Now look at how the prices were around $3/gallon prior to the storm with the refinery still producing but, sky rockets to 3.50ish due to shortage then it reopens producing oil and yet we are still over the price prior to the storm by 60 cents or so?
  4. This issue has nothing to do with investing, yes you can make money by investing (I invest) but that doesn’t pertain to any good reason for the gas price to go up. No matter how you look at it, it's still uncalled for. The only reason it goes up is because the gas companies know people have to travel, they know we will buy gas. The companies know they can keep jacking the prices up making more and more money. Same thing with food, they can keep jacking up the price and we are still going to buy. What it comes down to is greed. The companies know they can make more money by raising the price.
  5. That's the downside to capitalism. Until someone offers something better or competitive pricing they (oil companies) can do this all they want. Thats why its called a free market.

    You guys who are complaining can go out and buy a hybrid and get tons of incentives, that would send a strong message (yeah right). I chose the car I wanted knowing that gas is only going to get more expensive. Sure I complain now and then, but those are the breaks if you want to live in this country. Like stated many times above, we have it pretty good here. What its sounding like is you want the feds to step in and control the market ...that's socialism and not what I signed up for.
  6. Truer words have rarely been spoken.

    The oil execs' JOB is to maximize profit for the company and its shareholders. As long as we are in a capitalistic environment, this will continue to happen and the profits will continue to grow.

    Good for capitalism... bad for consumers, though.
  7. Do some reading and convert your car to run E85 or E98 I pay 75c to 91c a gallon and get 21mpg. I use wast food to make my mash
  8. A couple things...

    1) How much does it cost roughly to convert a gasoline engine to E85?

    2) Where do you find gas stations that sell E85?
  9. George W has said for years that we need to drill, the other side say's no. We have alot of oil just setting under ground. Columbia has just discovered a large oil reserve and there not in opec. Between us, columbia, canada and mexico, we shouldn't need a drop from opec, but we need to drill. There's oil in the gulf, off florida and cally, not to mention alaska. The greens are worried about pissing off the rien deer as an excuss. We have it, lets use it. Columbia won't need the oil, they are an ethonal economy and have been since the oil embargo of 74 or when ever. They make it from sugar beets, with E-85, you can strech a barrel of oil a long way. Using corn isn't going to get it, we need to use switch grass and sugar beets. Using corn drive's up the cost of food, as it's animal feed, a long with people feed.
  10. Ranger...

    Are you sure you're not talking about Brazil making a large oil find recently? I haven't heard about a discovery in Colombia.

    I agree. There are a lot of places we can drill for oil, but environmentalists are against it and it screws everyone. We should be extracting oil from Alaska because most everybody in the nation is having trouble with gas prices. If you ask me, it's for the greater good to drill in "protected" areas because that's what makes sense.
  11. Just under 200.00 for 24lbs injectors on a 19lbs system.

    I spent more than I had to. my setup was 250.00 for 13:1 pistons, 400 at machine shop to make pistons fit and balance block, 200.00 for 1994 to 1995 mass air, 600 for intake.

    I live in TN we pay about 219 / gallon for E85. I make my own from wast food I get by asking around. I add 2% wd40 to my mix.

    You will need this link if you wish to make fuel at home
  12. Gas Price

    My concession to rising gas prices? I just lowered my Brenspeed tune from 93 octane to 87 octane & tanked up with regular. Car still runs great. I don't think I'll miss those few horses. If gas ever goes back down (dream on), I'll go back to premium. :flag:
  13. up to a point. people tend to cry about problems, but are never willing to fight for solutions. start car pooling and riding the bus, or convert your cars to burn home brew. You can grow a good bit of food at home. "If it is not made in the USA DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!" Money talks bush and congress will get the idea very quickly. Grow some balls and fight back, or get craped on. I pay 98c. a gallon and 50% of my food is FREE! I only buy what I can not grow.
  14. Sad thing is though, its going to take a LOT more people who think like you do before anything happens. Gas will have to get so expensive that people start losing their jobs because they can't afford to drive to work. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    If gas starts seriously affecting my lifestyle i'm going to start biking to work.
  15. Just think how cheap i can get a mustang for when gas is 7.00 a gallon :)
  16. I still just dont understand how these oil companies can get away with raping us with these prices.

    Oh well.
  17. I just paid $4.30 a gallon today, not fun.