Gas Prices

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  1. Funny, I own Exxon stock and don't feel ripped off...
  2. Good for you.

    So you will get some of your investment back after paying the ridiculous prices along with us!
  3. Gusin,

    Thats a pretty stupid thing to say. Taking pride in making profit off something that hurts everyone else, huh? I'm sure I'll get no love for saying this (and I cant care), but go drown yourself in Exxon gas and take your stock with you.
  4. I will state this again:

    Their profit margin is NO HIGHER than your typical company in most industries. They are just in a business that has incredibly high revenue. Also, remember Exxon makes significant profit from lubricants and whatnot as well - not just gasoline.
  5. oo, oo, kick me too, I got some ExxonMobile and its all money baby!! yuk yuk :)
  6. Lets see some proof.

    I am in the broadcast industry, and we are no where near Exxon lol.
  7. For FY07 XOM's profit margin was about 10%. Their tax rate for that year was a ridiculously high 42.4%, so Uncle Sam took nearly $30 billion from them in '07.

    Selected profit margins from other leading companies for FY'07:

    Lockheed Martin, 7.25%
    PepsiCo, 14.33%
    Apple, 14.56%
    Toyota, 6.53%
    WalMart, 3.40%
    Walt Disney Company, 13.20%
    NewsCorp (own's FOX), 11.96%
  8. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Nothing wrong with that.

    Exactly. The only reason Exxon is making so much is because they are selling so damn much of the stuff.

    Also, gas prices are on the decline (like I said they would be) for a short time. Just filled up the girl's car for 3.59 a gallon for 87. 93 octane was $4.03. The normal price down here lately as been 3.93-3.98 for 87 and 4.25ish for 93.
  9. Yep, and what a lot of people don't realize who are quick to criticize the oil companies (Americans like to point the blame at somebody) is that the crack spread has been tightening for a while, making things difficult for the oil companies. The crack spread is the difference between the price of crude oil and the products extracted from it (i.e. gas). Basically the refining margin.

    The people who are quick to bash Exxon should just take a look at it's stock chart. For the past year it's been stuck in a range of $80-$96. It will make a move up and then retrace that move back to where it started. Partly because of the volatility in oil as of late but also because investors don't really think there's much upside at this point for Exxon. If the companies were truly growing income (as a percentage of sales) in lock-step with the increase in the price of crude the chart would look a lot different. There'd be a lot more demand than supply for Exxon stock and it'd sure be well over $110/share right now if that was the case.
  10. Exxon is turning into like what Wal-Mart is. Wal-Mart continues to increase it's market share but it's stock price never goes up much. Investors have lost interest because while it is easy to turn 1 million into 5 or 10 million, it's kind of hard to turn 15 billion (making numbers up) into 20 billion or more.

    Also, what a lot of these people bashing ExxonMobil don't see is that Exxon is actually DOWN 4.5% over the course of the year. Stock Quotes, Stock Highs and Lows for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC-BB-
  11. yaaaaaaaaaaa fuel prices are down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now we are in the second great depression :(
  12. Here's what I saw driving home from work today....


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  13. I wish the price of goods, food, etc., that went up because of high fuel prices would also staring dropping.
  14. Gas Price

    I filled up tonight with 93 octane Shell V-Power for $1.889. NEVER thought I'd see that again. Don't know how long it will last, but I'm enjoying it while I can. :nice:
  15. woot woot woot :nice:

    hells yeah. I filled up on premium tonight for 2.01. Loves it.

    I heard on the news that prices are not going stay this low for very long. If I had any money I would buy oil futures right now.
  16. 1.97 for regular here and 2.12 for premium. I hope it keeps dropping, I would be happy if it goes to 1.50 and stays there for along........time.
  17. $1.79 here yesterday in Central Kentucky.