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  1. So, what do you guys think??
    From what Ive heard the 2000 Cobra R with the 5.4 Got around 13/17. Would an improvement over 6 years be to much to hope for?

  2. july C/D article guestimates 13 city/21 highway
  3. There is no doubt with a blown 5.4L and 3800lb weight she's gonna drink the gas.
  4. 21 highway really is't too bad. 13/21 there is a pretty big gap there. Do we know what grade of gas is rec. yet?

  5. Premium, no doubt!
  6. Man I hope gas prices go down before 07, although I don't think even gas prices can keep me from this car...
  7. Who cares, if you want good gas mileage guy buy a Honda. :p :nice:
  8. LOL, anyone worried about gas grades can't afford a $40,000+ car (after markups) anyways.
  9. Exactly, you have to remember this car will only run on premium fuel anyway. It is designed from the start to be expensive to drive as well as buy. There is a reason why there are a million LX/GT mustangs, but only so few Cobra's. If they wern't expensive everyone would have one. :nice: