1. Thats one of main reason I just got rid of my 05 tundra double cab for my lexus two weeks ago. I use to get 13mpg in the city with my tundra, with my lexus I'm at 25mpg city. My cobra is my toy so getting bad gas mileage with a car you drive once a week is fine to me.
  2. take a lunch break + [​IMG] = problem solved

    "oops i am out of gas........"
  3. I don't care anymore since I got the NEON:D . Everyone still keeps driving so there is no need for them to cut prices. I think it will get to $5 a gallon before people really change their driving habits.
  4. on average, it isnt expected to go higher than $3 this year
  5. ha i just quit my job from a petroleum company last week, no more discount for me. Though my new job does pay $4 more an hour
  6. My Cobra gets 9 mpg in the city. I also own a 98 Honda Civic but I can never bring myself to drive it... I go to the gas station every other freaking day :bang: :owned:
  7. i know how that is. when i first got my gt it was badly in need of a tune up and it got 9-10 mpg..it was such a pain in the ass

    just put a wing on the civic and itll be like driving a completely new car:p
  8. here in mid MO its still only 2.36. until probably febuary it was under 2:>:>:>. i think it will get up to three bucks this summer, but by then i will have a buell blast so i'll be getting three times the gas mileage i get now.
  9. Well anytime youre ready to get rid of it and get your old GT back let me know. Id take it off your hands.
  10. yeah, gas sucks, but even if it goes over $3 a gallon again, im not terribly upset. i guess thats what happens when you trade in a hemi ram that cost more than twice as much per fillup. $70+ per fillup was not fun. when i filled up the stang for the first time a couple of months ago, and it only cost me $28, i looked around for someone to hump, but i was alone. i had to settle for the garbage barrel.
  11. it's not the gas stations that benefit from this, they don't turn that much profit per gallon. you need to go WAY up higher in the oil food chain to get the real profits.

    Plus even if you own a gas station you still pay for the gas, so it's not free when you fill your car.
  12. only thing i hated about teh cobra, youre like "WTF i was just at the gas station!" though i get pretty good mileage now with the GT having no cats and me being a sane driver (i shift at 2k religiously now unless i have to beat a big rig onto the freeway), i can usually make a tank last two weeks.

    cant wait to get the GSX on the road, only 4 banger out there that gets 10mpg cause it has ****ing 950cc injectors and a 255lph pump.
  13. when it hits 3 bucks, i start to cut back on my driving.......
  14. I did a cost analysis based on 12,000 miles of annual driving and an average of 19 miles per gallon (mpg) fuel economy. I came out with a total of 631 gallons of gasoline needed for 1 year of driving at that fuel economy (19 mpg).
    I calculated that I would be paying a total of $1,893 per year for gasoline if gasoline went up at $3.00 per gallon.
    If gasoline was at $4.00 per gallon my cost would be $2,524 for the year.
    So, basically, I would be paying $473 MORE per year if gas went up to $3 per gallon from the $2.25 where it was a few months ago.
    Also, in another calculation which I made, I would be paying $1,104 MORE per year if gas goes up to $4 per gallon from the $2.25 per gallon low where it was a few months ago.
    So, everyone's annual gasoline expense will increase somewhere between $473 to $1,104 more for the year if gasoline goes up to $3 and to $4 per gallon if you base the cost increase on the $2.25 per gallon low that we were all paying back a few months ago.

    If you drive more than 12,000 miles per year in your Mustang, you gasoline costs would be more. So, anyone in here who drives a total of 24,000 miles per year in their Mustang would pay $946 MORE if gasoline went up to $3 per gallon and $2,208 MORE if gasoline went up to $4 per gallon if you base the increase difference in cost using the $2.25 per gallon low that we had a few months ago. The more mileage that you put on your Mustang, the more that you are going to pay for gasoline.
    Do the math and you will see that I am right about what I am saying.

    On another note, it's NOT worth it to go forward and sell or trade in your Mustang to get a more economical car if you already have a car payment or even if you don't have a car payment on the Mustang. The logic behind this statement is that you will still owe "MORE" money on a brand new car if you purchased another car brand new than if you were to keep your Mustang. If you opted to do things differently and purchase another brand new car with cash, you would still have to come up with at least $4,000 to $5,000 or more to make up the difference in the total price of the brand new car from the trade-in or sale value of your Mustang. Either way, it would take you anywhere from 5 to 8+ years just to recoup that $4,000 to $5,000 if you sell or trade-in your Mustang and purchase another brand new more economical car.

    What I am trying to say here is that it's worth it to suck up the increase in the gasoline prices and to keep your Mustang because it will be a LOT CHEAPER to hold on to your Mustang than it would be to have to come up with another extra $4,000 to $5,000 for another car or to have a new car payment. It would take you a lot longer to pay off the car payment on another brand new car than it would to pay off the current car payment on your existing Mustang.
    Considering all of these things, it's NOT worth it to sell or to trade-in your Mustang to get another more economical car. It may look like you are saving money on gasoline because the other car is more economical, but you are really not saving any money. You will be paying more money out in the different areas which I just described above if you buy a brand new economical car. The ONLY way that it would be worth it to purchase a brand new or even a used economical car is if your Mustang got totalled or if it was a huge money pit and needed thousands of dollars of repairs. Then it would be worth buying another vehicle.
    You are much better off in keeping your Mustang.
  15. Gas is $2.58 right now just across the river from st. louis. If i cross the river its usually about 20 cents cheaper due to illinois loving to tax crap for profit. I feel lucky if i dont have to go to the gas station every day. I drive 180 roundtrip a day for work getting 12mpg on the highway and about 8 city. Luckily for me i found a black gt and it might have a new home tomorrow :D
  16. :lol: omfg that is possibly the funniest thing i have ever read on stangnet:lol:

  17. :rlaugh:
  18. :rlaugh:

  19. Why should we feel lucky? Most of that is taxes which causes the higher prices. I drive about 29k miles a year (luckily only about 8k of that is on the Mustang) so gas prices going up do suck, but there isn't anything I can do about it. All that means is that I gotta pack my lunch for that extra day per week instead of going out a few months out of the year :shrug:
  20. wow $4 a gallon for gas is making running straight race fuel seem like a better idea lol. If it keeps climbing past 4 a gallon i might just have to do that because i can lol. Heck a 5 gallon can of sunoco 110 unleaded costs $45.lol