1. Nobody commented on my above post. There is a lot of logic associated with it. It would be nice to be able to hear your opinions and views about some of the things which I said in my above post.
  2. lol yea bro your theman..

    here in houston tx gas is 3.79 ....

    but i but 20 bucks in from empty and my tank went to mid half and quarter...

    lol that sucks
  3. Gas isn't 3.79 in Houston :shrug: At most, gas would be 2.79, though it seems to be in the 2.45-2.55 range mostly every where? :shrug:
  4. Read the book 'The World is Flat." It will scare you, make you write angry letters to Congressman, and what to live on an island with your own army fearing change. That will is up the alley of you deep thinkers in here.
  5. If leaded gas was still avaiable, think about some of the BB muscle cars from the 60's and the kind of gas mileage they got:eek: :jaw: We've got it easy:D
  6. I just paid 3.60 a gallon here in SoCal for supreme....can somebody spot me 50 bucks please????
  7. 3.65 premium ,up in NOR CAL..sacramento ....
  8. its like 2.65 premium in the N O louisiana
  9. $2.60 right here in Massachusetts for regular and $2.80 for the premium gasoline.
    Exxon/Mobil and the rest of the oil companies are making a killing right now. I heard that Chevron offers a 3% divident right now on their stock shares. Now is the best time to invest in oil company stocks. You will make big bucks and even more money when gasoline prices reach over $3 and $4 dollars a gallon.
  10. Doesn't matter what I drive I still pay. The Stang gets better thatn the F150 though. It's the price I pay for having the cars I want as opposed to what I should.

    Gas has been around $2.30 here until the last 2 weeks. It is up to an average of $2.50 now.

    My gas for one month...

    3/31/2007 Card Purchase RACETRAC482 00004820 SAINT ROSE LA $34.25

    3/26/2007 Card Purchase MURPHY EXP USA850 28777 WALKER WALKER LA $52.10

    3/22/2007 Card Purchase RACETRAC296 00002964 DENHEM SPRING LA $35.35

    3/19/2007 Card Purchase EXXONMOBIL75 04565099 WALKER LA $27.00

    3/19/2007 Card Purchase CIRCLE K 00767 Q04 ST ROSE LA $47.40

    3/15/2007 Card Purchase RACETRAC296 00002964 DENHEM SPRING LA $31.50

    3/12/2007 Card Purchase TEXACO 0308017 WALKER LA $21.40

    3/12/2007 Card Purchase TEXACO 0308017 WALKER LA $32.50
    3/9/2007 Card Purchase EXXONMOBIL75 04565099 WALKER LA $42.25

    3/6/2007 Card Purchase EXXONMOBIL75 04565099 WALKER LA $37.55

    3/5/2007 Card Purchase EXXONMOBIL75 04565099 WALKER LA $26.25

    3/5/2007 Card Purchase EXXONMOBIL75 04565099 WALKER LA $39.60

    3/1/2007 Card Purchase MURPHY EXPRESS 8500Q89 WALKER LA $37.75

    $464.90...and that is just my bill. My wife spends about $300. Plus add another $50 to fill up tonight on my way home.
  11. Racetrac gas is cheap but I don't get decent mileage out of it :shrug:
  12. Gas jumped .20 this week:bang: :eek:
  13. I guess I better fill up on $2.59 before it jumps on up :sigh:
  14. I paid $2.71 for 87 octane in Portland, Maine yesterday while there on a buisness trip.
  15. I paid $75 this weekend. Filled up Saturday morning, drove 230 miles between Saturday and Sunday and filled up again today at $3.09 for 93 oct.
  16. I just heard today from one of the foreign satellite news channels that the United States is going after Iran this Good Friday. They said that the U.S. was going to strike Iran militarily.
  17. Nop the british got released. Besides 15 bristish captives is not enought to make a war. Oh and they would get killed too.
  18. hell, if gas gets to $4.5 im buying a cheap import, having a company paint it with an advertisement (getting paid to drive :D), and put the stang in early retirement and restoration.
  19. Even with my V6 i still only get 17-18 MPG mostly city driving. Best ever as 25MPG and that was cruising right at 70 mph. My grandma's bullitt gets 28 on the highway.:bang:
  20. what are you guys out in Cali paying now? In MO it is $3.17/ gallon at 87 octane.