1. Your grandma is awesome! :flag:
  2. just paid 3.60 something out here in cali for premium
  3. Meh, I paid 3.79 yesterday for 93 at $hell... In f'n INDIANA :bang:
  4. it feels goood to have a gas card around this time
  5. yeah, she bought it without even telling my grandpa. She had a 95 GT vert that got t-boned and while she was out carshopping, she saw it and had to get it. It's got 34K miles on it and I'm hoping it will be mine when i graduate from college in 4-5 years..
  6. Suck it up!

    In Canada, it is $3.69 US / gallon if converted. And thats for 87!
  7. yep

    Just paid 3.45/gallon yesterday when I filled up. What am I gonna do? not buy it? :shrug:

    When gas prices are high I do ride the Ducati a lot more though. 40mpg even when I flog it. :nice:
  8. im not going to kill anyone as long as it stays under $4
  9. i filled my dads truck up with regular fro 3.18 at walmart and it cost $72 to get his f-150. Its not too bad. But now its going to take me over $40 to fill my tank.. Atleast i don't have my dads truck though..
  10. Since everyone else is, I mind as well report gas in my area...

    I paid $3.59 yesterday for premium in Danbury, Connecticut. You guys have a really good point, I'm not going to stop driving even if gas is $5/gal, so mind as well not get pissed.
  11. same price out here and our preium is 91!:mad:
  12. $3.41 today for premium in Tampa. What bull****! :mad:

    By the way, I have noticed far less Mustangs and other performance cars on the road because of the fuel controversy! :bang:
  13. I have to drive slower than hondas to save fuel now. Very crappy.
  14. Its likely going to go higher over the next few days. Theres a big hurricane hitting Oman and Iran today. Fill em up today boys and girls. :rolleyes: