Engine Gasket For Stock Upper Intake Without Egr Hole In Center?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JohnnyK81, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, does anyone know if there is a gasket that will work on the stock upper intake (to lower intake) that does NOT have the center hole punchout for the egr?

  2. None.

    I assume you wish to block the EGR flow? Get a razor blade and remove the fat edge of the blade (if equipped). Add a little RTV and rtv it to the lower intake. Then install gasket and upper as usual.

    Any thin peice of metal that will not degrade and fall inside can be used.

    There are lower intake gasket kits that will block the flow at the head, but that would require removing the lower.
  3. I tapped the EGR hole in the upper and installed a brass fitting.
  4. Thanks guys. Crap.. I thought for sure there would be one. I guess I could tap and plug.. Probably easier just to turn down a piece of aluminum and tap it in though.
  5. I've done both of those methods which work fine you can also find a freeze plug to tap in there. You can buy a intake spacer that does not have the EGR passage also

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  6. Why the EGR delete? :shrug:
  7. Thanks guys, I'll find something to fit I suppose!

    (See previous thread.. EGR no fitty).
  8. I'm curious to see a pic of your engine. How does the EGR not fit? What is causing the interference?
  9. Ehh I'll grab one later this week. Problem is on a 67, the shock towers cause clearance problems, so with the EGR spacer, the intake tube will run right into it with no room to bend towards the front of the car.
  10. Sounds like you need an SN95 upper intake.
  11. or the SN adapter elbow
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  12. Does this hole need to be blocked when doing a EGR delete?

  13. Doesn't need to be, but helps keep the hot gases out of the intake manifold keeping it cooler. Ideally you'd want to block it at the head....but between the intake is easier
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  14. This guy runs an explorer adapter on his '65

    5.0 Ho Intake Plate... Paint?