Gauge Cluster Not Working

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  1. so i pulled out the gauge cluster to paint the plastics. when i put everything back only the speedo, fuel, and tempeture gauges work. the tach, oil pressure and battery gauge do nothing. i checked the connections over and over again. i checked fuses but maybe it's a fuse i'm not checking. any ideas?
  2. Thats all on the right side of the cluster...double check to make sure you plugged it back in correctly, the way these clusters are setup is dumb because the leads on the plastic can easily move/seperate/tear...

    Plus they dont give you much slack or room to plug it back in...

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  3. ya i've checked all that. doesnt hurt to check one more time though.
  4. I've gotta check mine again as well...took mine out to fix the odometer gear about 5 times and this last time all the sudden my speedo stopped working...but I noticed my leads were starting to get messed up...

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  5. so here is the thing. checked the pins they are fine. ran the diagnostics test and its reading everything fine, to include the gauges that are not working. i'm confused
  6. I was actually referring to the leads on the plastic film thats on the cluster...maybe try using some alcohol on a qtip...last I would check the voltage regulator in the bottom corner of the back of the cluster, theres one on each side...

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  7. ok thank you
    i'll check that out
  8. hey while we're on the subject of electrical, dirving home today my driverside window stopped going up or down. driverside switches: driver side window switch doesnt work, pass window switch works , and both rear window switches work. passenger side: window switch does not work. i checked the fuse it's good. any ideas?
  9. Are you sure you're checking the correct fuses? Seems strange, pull both switches and make sure they aren't wet or anything...since it's obviously a convertible, seals may not be the best...

    I had to push down on my window the other day cuz it got stuck...

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  10. Just in case...

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  11. yah i got to double check. it's confusing right? i checked the relays checked the motors, checked the switches. i'm completly lost. i hate electrical
  12. Well like I said, my riggt side wouldn't go down and I had to push it down while pressing the button...I then had to take the door panel off and adjust the stops so it didnt go up as far...also make sure the lock isnt on...but ultimately it may even be the switch is bad, if one switch is messed up it will do strange things...

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  13. Try swapping the switches, you can just pull/pry them out.
  14. From what i've read, the mustang lift motors are bad about getting stuck. One way that usually works is to strike the door panel where the motor is. Hold the button while you do this. If that doesn't work, remove panel and knock on motor, white plastic part. Like knocking on a starter to get it to go. I did this once with mine, been okay now for a while.
  15. I've actually had this problem off and on in my Mustang for about a year and a half. I just had it happen this weekend. Pushing on the glass from the top while hitting the switch did it.