Gauge Face!!

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  1. I don't know man. I don't buy from Ebay anymore. From stolen identities to shady sellers to paypal issues to crappy products, I guess I have been burned too many times. The price is nice but, I am firm believer in you get what you pay for. Also, I stay away from places like this that All sales are final, no returns, no exchange, ect.

    That's just my .02 Would love to know how they work and look though.
  2. Yeah I just have a prepaid card for ebay and paypal. 40$ would be worth it if they actually work and is a decent looking install. I know UPR, American Muscle, and other places have white face gauges and reverse glow stuff. But it doesnt look like this one.

    They are on Amazon as well...
  3. I haven't installed these particular gauge faces but I can tell you what to expect. First getting to the cluster is fairly simple. You remove your headlight knob, which can be a pain sometimes depending on the state of the little tab that locks it on. A few torx screws hold on the panel that surrounds the cluster, followed by a few more torx screws holding the cluster itself. Once all removed you pull out the cluster, disconnect the electrical connections behind the cluster and take it out.

    You then have to remove the torx screws holding the clear face on. Here's where it gets tricky. There are some faces that are slim enough to be placed over the existing gauge face however I don't believe this will be one of them. You'll probably have to remove the existing face which will involve removing the needles, and prying the existing face off. It will be glued on so you'll need a slim knife. Glue your new face on (It may lay perfectly flat in there without glueing however if its even a little bowed out around the center of each needle where the black center of each needle is you will have problems with the needles sticking.) Make sure its flat and put your needles back on. ( I would suggest researching proper needle removal/re-installation to prevent inaccuracy).

    Also with this kit you'll have to splice into the driving light power wire for the blue lighting, I believe its the large grey wire in the 12v inverter.
  4. It may take some time and yeah I have been researching the needle issue. I am fairly sure that I will have to remove them. I am hoping its not a mistake ordering this. I just like the way this one is lit up instead of the ones at like American Muscle. Although this item is backed by Ebays Buyer protection crap. But thanks for the input. I dont think I want to glue it though. Maybe find another way around gluing if I can. I think if I can pull it off it will look good. It should be here by thursday or friday. I will have it in next weekend and take pics if all goes well.
  5. Adhesive is optional here but its going to be governed by how well the face lays in there and whether it bows out around the middle where the tach and speedo needles are. If it rubs even a little, outside temperature can make it worse and make your needles stick.