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  1. I have been working on troubleshooting the gauges on my 88gt. I was told by the previous owner the gauges were swapped from the original to a cluster from a 1993 cobra. Is there a way to tell if this is true? My gauges are white faced and the speedo goes to 140. While researching my problem, I saw posts saying that the wiring from the 88 is different then the wiring from the 93. On the cluster, the voltage and oil pressure appear to work. They are at 0 and when the car is running they go to the middle and stay in that area. The tachometer works fine. The odometer/speedo does not work, but I believe thats an issue at the connection to the transmission. The temperature gauge is at just below 270 when I start the car and then goes above the max and I cannot see the needle after its been driven for a bit. The fuel gauge goes to full and then starts slowly dropping while I am driving until it hits empty and then it stays at empty. I am wondering if the previous owner did a swap and did not change the wiring correctly? I am going to use the resistor method to test the fuel gauge this weekend. Thanks for any help, you guys always seem to know exactly what I need to do to fix my problem.

    Edit: I found this link and was wondering if this could help with rewiring, if that is what is needed.
  2. Well, 1993 Cobra's did not use white face gauges. They had the same gauge cluster as every other 90-93 V8 Mustang. The white gauges are an aftermarket add on.

    So, to identify the gauge cluster youhave, just take a peek at it.

    87-89 cluster

    90-93 cluster
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    You'll notice the hump in the center is larger on the 90-=93 cluster for the airbag column. If you look closely, oyu should be able to see an AIR BAG display in the cluster somewhere. If you see this, you have a 90-93 cluster that needs to be rewired.

    The speedo is purely mechanical, so either the connection is not made behind the cluster, or at the trans.

    In terms of wiring, you really need to pull the cluster out to see if the two wiring connectors were re-spliced.
  3. Thanks, I definately have the 87-89 cluster.