GAUGES - are they just for decoration or what?

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  1. alot of the videos and pics I see of stangs with blowers have gauges, in the dash or on the window pod. I know they are functional but are they just decoration or do you actually use them for something?
  2. Serious?

    I watch my fuel and boost guages at the track. No fuel=boom. The fuel pressure guage will let you know if there's a problem so hopefully you can shut it down before any damage happens. The boost guage lets me know if there's a problem such as a slipping belt.

    Not a must have, but a nice to have mod.
  3. Good looks and Function. :nice:
  4. The best is when a ricer has a ton of gauges all over his/her car. Then you know they have nothing done to their engines, because they spent it all on their gauges and neon lights!
  5. what they said. a drop in FP is an automatic shut down situation, and the vac/boost guage is useful for many things, one of which i pay attention to, a loss in vacuum can signal a wide range of problems, vac leaks, boost leaks, blown head gaskets, etc........i run FP and vac/boost in the cab
  6. In addition to the cars running some type of forced induction, adding a water temp & oil pressure gauge can also be helpful since the factory dash gauges are essentially "idiot needles" that do not move or fluctuate.
    For example, the factory oil pressure switch is only a 6 or 8 psi open/closed switch. Not very comforting to know that your engine is just a few psi from damage when the gauge finally moves - know what I mean?
  7. I agree. It is the funniest thing when you see people on the street and they have 2\like 6 gauges and none of them work because all of the needles are at the bottom!! One kid has nothing done to his Mustang, but he has a Trans Temp, Air Fuel, Volts, Oil Pressure, and Oil Temp gauges!! For what?? What a waste of money, most of those gauges are in the dash from the factory....hehe :D
  8. Yea i have seen the guages on a lot of ricers. I think they look nice but pointless in a pos car. how are are these things to hook up? Where do you run the wires to? the computer?
  9. Since we are on the topic and I have wondered......I am considering the 3 guage pillar pod and the Lunar series guages so what 3 are the ones to have? Boost,Fuel pressure and air/fuel? Anybody that has or knows plz reply?
  10. Boost/ Fuel Pressure...........A/F is a waste and just a light show.
  11. MMMMMMMMmm light show. ha ha ha
  12. Boost/ Fuel Pressure...........A/F is a waste and just a light show.

    Sorry, Repost....................
  13. yep.......after buying an electric FP gauge you can hardly afford any more gauges......... :mad:
  14. Agreed.
    Just get the fuel and boost guages.

  15. That's the truth, I have to take out a loan to buy one. :bang:
  16. They are functional unless you Velcro a big Pep Boy gauge to your dash and the wires are left dangling...bwahaha....actually saw that on a ricer in a parking lot. :rlaugh:
  17. Here's a bad ass set of gauges...and that car is going to need it...twin turbo Mach1...Those are A/F ratio, Oil pressure, Exhaust temp, and 2 boost gauges (one for each turbo)...

  18. man wtf. How can you drive with all that stuff on there. I would be lookin over at some irrelevent information and drive in to a tree. lol it does look cool though.
  19. He looks like a smurf when he's driving down the road with all them on full brightness... :D
  20. ha ha ha ha papa smurf.