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  1. Hi Guys,
    the streets are getting cleaner! I need to install gauges in my 06 gt for boost and fuel pressure.
    What brands other than auto meter?

  2. I think you can't beat the AutoMeter gauges I have both the boost and fuel pressure Autometer [email protected] 's in 2005 GT with Saleen Series VI SC. Never had any problems with these gauges. Here's IMG_0344 (1).jpg a pic
  3. Auto Meter, the default company, Aero Force, Stewart Warner for gauges.

    For a different option, you might be able to use a tuner, like a Diablo or SCT, for a digital read out.
  4. Hi guys
    Sorry to be a dunce here , but what types of gauges did you put in? There is a huge price difference on the fuel pressure gauges. I put the blower on myself, I thought this would be picking out what type of pod and color gauge!