Gear drive on a street/strip car?

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  1. I just read that a gear drive is recommended for use in a road course car, although the book did not specifically say "don't use a gear drive on a street/strip car" it implies that chain or belt drive is better for street/strip application. This book also stated that a modifed valve train will stretch a stock chain drive.

    I like the idea of a gear drive, is it OK to use with a daily driver/weekend strip car? Pros/Cons?
  2. to much NOISE!!!!.... I would just put a good roll master billet chain set and be done...
  3. What about the "quiet" gear drives? Theres normal and "quiet", I'm assuming there is still some noise there... just not as loud as the normal one. Anyone have a "quiet" gear drive on their car?
  4. Too noisey for me and they take a few extra hp to run but your valve timing is more accurate. I personally wouldn't use one.... there are too many really good (quite) roller timing chain sets out there.
  5. I have a quiet one in my 69 C10 and its not quiet at all. I will be taking it out soon. My dad has the quiet one in his stang and you can't here the engine running because the whinning of the gear. :notnice:
  6. Its a wash... noisy?? hell yeah ( the blower wine..??) Quiet gears..they will still make noise and are better as far as that goes... Street!! hell yeah..!! but it really depends on where you are, on whether or not you shine or sux!! Some one will rag on you cause your power steering need fluid, Or hey what kind of blower are you running!! HP Loss?? well as the chain streaches it retards the cam and THAT IS HP LOSS!! The modified valve train is the heaver spring pressure needed for a performance cam !! cool?? ME??? I have run a gear drive ( miladon) on my BBF since the late 70s!! I have a loud one on my 5.0 engine now!! they rock!! IF you like the sound!! cool??

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  7. Hey what brand are u running on ur 5.0? Any chance of getting a sound clip?
  8. I'm thinking that gear whin may just spin my crank! I have LOUD exhaust now and new heads and a cam going in so I doubt the gear drive is going to drown me out. The cool thing is the car a total sleeper Capri with no badges or emblems, the only give away is the exhaust and the fat tires. Non ford people have no clue what it is, "Jensen Interceptor I think" or "definitely a '70s Javlin" are some of the car show comments I've heard. So add a not so everyday gear whin maybe the ticket.
  9. I use the Pete Jackson Gear drive... and your right!! its all about " presentation " and when I come into the parking lot ....They LOOK!! ( and wonder... blower??? LOL)

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  10. What is the quietest gear drive out there?

  11. I think the Pete Jackson quite type is well very quite. The one i heard u had to concentrate on the engine to hear it. Anyone ever heard of a loud type with a fixed idler gear like Milodon,Edelbrock types. Pete uses a floating idler gear. I think they are cool because for the poor sole who allways wanted the blower whine but couldnt afford it there is an alternative. Also because of the under the hood blowers u could keep them guessing forever. As far as hurting valvetrain parts from harmonics I dont think they hurt anything especially when u consider that 90% of Nascar moters use gear drives. Now of course theres are more exspensive full race types but harmonice are harmonics. :nice: