Gear Heads might find this interesting??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Ryanwoodz, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, I own a Ford 90GT.

    Right now im currently working in a GM garage in Ann Arbor, MI...
    The cool thing that i wanted to talk about was that the owner of the shop has a 1989 Trans Am with the V6 Turbo... The coolest part is the car only has 1300 original miles on it...

    I just thought some of you guys might find that interesting. I was suprised there are so few miles on this car... I wouldnt be surprised if its one of the low miles car of its kind.

    Anyways, now people know it exist..

  2. That car is a hard one to find and very rare.

    I would LOVE to own one.

  3. Im not 100% sure, but i wouldnt be suprised if that car goes on ebay very soon..
    It was really something to see, it was brand new... Heck the motors not even broke in yet.

  4. That's an 86 turbo firebird, extremely rare. They have the same motor as the grand national but they are quite lighter... very impressive with that mileage. It would be a very good idea to ebay it, but he may not get as much money as you expect. The collectors know that these cars are very sought after but they also know that the price wont be allowed to skyrocket.
  5. There was a neighbor that wrapped his baby on a pole, I just remembered that story. He brought the car home and it was a twizler.

    Sold the parts off of her though, he was upset.

    It was in MINT condition also!
  6. Those cars were annivversary editions, right? White with gold trim?

    I remember they WERE pretty quick. Harder to find than a GN, but not quite as valuable as a GNX. Nice, either way. :nice:
  7. 20th Anniversery Trans Am I think only 1500 were produced

    Similar to the GN motor, but the heads had to be redesigned for clearance issues, handled far better than any TA to date due to the lighter V-6

    GNX's are rarer only something like 250 or 500 made
  8. Yes they are almost the same to the GN motor. Man i miss my GN. i loved that car.
  9. There were 531 GNXs made.
  10. GNXs are badass. They run high 12s from the factory with sticky tires. Mine ran GN ran 13.6 from the factory with slicks. With a few mods the GNXs were in the 11s with ease.