Gears And A Kick

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  1. I have a 2000 GT vert and I've had trouble with the rear end for quite some time now after I had a shop replace the bearings. Without retelling the complete nightmare I went through and to keep my blood pressure in check I'll make it quick. The rear end is pretty much completely rebuilt. New bearings, axles, 3.73 gears etc. A few weeks ago the gears (3.73 gears) were installed. The install seemed Ok but there is a good amount of whine in first as it shifts. I can live with that but what I am getting is a kick from the rear end once in a while. If I'm on the gas and I let go the car seems to buck at the rear end. Is this a gear install issue or a transmission issue?

    Thanks for any info.
  2. Has the car been in a wreck in the past? If something got knocked out of whack with the alignment of the axle or the driveshaft it could be related to that. Otherwise I would assume since you have had problems in the past it's related to that versus the transmission.
  3. Sounds rear related. If it was supposed to be fixed I'd go back to the shop. The gear whine is an issue also. If it is quite a bit it will eventually fail.
  4. Never in a wreck other than the shop I took it to that (I really want to use swear words here) screwed up the rear end.
  5. Thanks. When I first got the car I had Ford Racing gears put in and the shop did a great job. Zero whine and the car felt great. The minute I picked up the car with this latest install it just didn't sound right. Going there tomorrow afternoon to have the shop take a ride with me.
  6. One more thing that may or may not be related is that the car seems to misfire when in drive. First and second feel great and then it seemingly loses power.
  7. Is there an aftermarket tune loaded? Check engine light?
  8. I have a Bama tuner and no check engine light. With the tune the kick is really exaggerated. Without the tune/stock tune it's there but not as bad.
  9. Just a bit more info. I decided to go for a ride at lunch and drive the car without the tune loaded. It's almost unnoticeable and I have a feeling if I take to the shop they are going to shrug their shoulders and tell me there's no problem. I know the car so well that I can feel and hear the tiniest change so I know there is something going on. The whine as it shifts from first is the same.

    Is it possible the shift points on the tune are screwed up? I just want my car back to normal! :)
  10. When you say kick do you mean a hard shift? If it only does it with the tune then it is basically a quick shift. That would be normal.

    As far as the whine...does the pitch change as the car moves? Is it all the time of just during shifts? I'd still take it back and have them check it out.
  11. I'm used to a hard shift in this car. I had a Reinhart chip for a long time and I loved how the chip changed the shift points. This is more of a step on the gas (sometimes) and lift off the pedal to get a short thump or a kick back. I don't think it's the transmission but then again I'm not that familiar with how gears and the tranny work. Plus I feel like the shifts are sloppy. More sloppy than I'm used to with this car.

    The whine is most noticeable as I start moving. As the car shifts from first I hear a whine that goes away as soon as it shifts from first. It just seems wrong and I didn't have such a distinctive sound the first time I had gears installed. The rest of the the time I would say the gears sound normal.

    Before I had the nightmare with the shop and them ruining the rear end this car was really strong. I used to take it to the track all the time. Now I barely want to drive it. Shame.
  12. Another issue that might be related. If I goose the gas in a short pulse there is a bang/clank/clunk/ that I can hear. It's pretty severe as far as I am concerned. This car has always had a little bang etc. but it small and I remember reading it was quite common with these cars. I'm hoping to go to the shop after work today.
  13. Venting . . .

    So I just got back with the car after going the place that did the gears and of course there's nothing wrong with the rear end and the noises I'm hearing. The thumping or banging when I pulse the gas is not normal. I know there may be some noise but if I'm coasting and I hit the gas I don't think there should be a loud bang. :rolleyes:

    Dropping it off at Ford for a go-over.:bang:
  14. So I finally have this bucking/kick thing at least figured out enough to recreate it. It's happening most uphill. If I'm accelerating uphill and I let of the gas it will kick. My buddy thinks its the transmission. Tomorrow I'm dropping it off at Ford to diagnose the problem. Here's hoping its not going to cost and arm and a leg to fix.
  15. Best to get a second opinion...while I might not go to Ford myself I would definatley have someone else take a look.
  16. So I picked up my car yesterday afternoon from Ford. I'm not a big fan of dealership service centers but they treat me well so I feel pretty comfortable going there. They checked the whole car out and said everything is fine with the gears and the rear end. They told me the clunk is pretty normal and it's really just a matter of bushings etc. getting a bit old. They did get rid of the front end creaking. I guess there was a need to grease the brake pins? Not sure what that is but the car is nice and quite now. Today I need to get in touch with the Bama team and see if the shift points need adjusting. Next up is a tune-up that I am going to do myself. I want this car track ready. :)
  17. I have an automatic 96 GT. I had a friend install my 4:10s for me years ago. From the start I noticed some gear whine (especially when decelerating), and if I hit the brakes, or accelerated quickly from a stop I would sometimes get the clunking sound you're describing. A few weeks ago I had a new set of 4:10s installed, this time at a dealership, and no more whine, no more clunks, even with my Bama street tune. I'm no expert on these things, but I think this is a gears issue. You shouldn't be hearing any whine with a correct install I don't think.
  18. Taking it to the dealership is retarded, they probably let the car sit and didn't do :poo:.

    The issue is clearly with the gear install. They were not installed correctly. Ive heard this story so many times before. They **** up your install.
  19. I don't feel retarded. ;) Thanks for the boost anyway.


    I think I'm stuck now. The place that installed them is saying three's no problem. I need to see if the place I took my car to when I first got it is still around to see if they can do a check on the gears. The battle continues!
  20. Ok so today I go out for a ride with the street tune loaded and the kick is bad. Could this be the tune or is the tune just magnifying an underline issue that present?