Gears And Gas Mileage

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  1. i have 3.08 gears in my car currently and average 19--20mpg. if i go with 3.73's, what kind of change should i expect from those who have done this already?

    i do about 65% street and the rest is higway mainly around 60-70mph average.
  2. It all depends on how heavy your right foot is but could be about 1-2 mpg less. At highway speed you will be about 2-300 more rpm with the 3.73's. No one goes to lower gears looking for better MPG.
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  3. city driving should see an increase but you will lose hwy mpg. 3.73s arent that tall of a gear. not sure on the rest of your combo but I would think 15-city and 22-24 hwy if everything is in good working order.
  4. Won't see much if any (unless you're hard on the throttle) around town. You'll probably take. 2-3mpg hit on the highway.
  5. My experience has been, on two different Mustangs, that in town mileage stayed the same, but highway mileage went down 4-5 mpg.
  6. Mpg will go down but rpm will go up faster..gears are a great way to put some pep in a fox
  7. cool thanks. im not to comcerned about milage. but it does have a minor effect on my choices.
  8. I have 3.55 went from 2.73 and the loss was negligible and it woke the car up big time and still gets 20-22 at 70 on the highway

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  9. Me personally i feel the difference is minimal, not enough to worry about from the gears themselves.

    Your driving is going to be the real problem, 3.08 to 3.73 multiplies the fun factor, your lack of restraint is going to cost you quite a bit of gas and you will be going through rear tires twice as fast.
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  10. Going from 2.73's to 3.73's didn't change my Stang's gas mileage (city & highway) at all.