Gears installed!

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  1. Well since ive been away at school, my dad took the car to the shop and got my 3.73's installed and my trac-lok rebuilt. I havent driven the car yet, but he says it made a HUGE difference, so im really excited. Do you guys think i can break into the 13's with them? My best was a [email protected] with a 2.01 60' on 315 nittos. I think part of the reason why my 60' was so bad was because i was coming outta the hole to slow, so do you think ill do better now cause the car will come out faster? Just some thoughts...
  2. You hit a 14.2 with the mods in your sig?
  3. yes sir
  4. wow a 14.2 with a cia and a coil...i think i know my first 2 mods lol:D
  5. That is definitely a good time with your mods. Hats off to you. Sea level?

    I want a 5 speed lol. All you guys are running much better times than the aode guys it seems like.
  6. im wondering what i will be running with a flowmaster catback/4.10's/ and a 100 shot wet nitrous kit? and of course the aode
  7. yea i race mostly at englishtown in NJ which is at sea level, and i also race a little at island dragway...basically my only power mods are my mufflers, o/r h-pipe, and cai, and i also run the nitto drags, KC clutch, a/c delete, and about 150 lbs of weight reduction...the stock weight of the car is 3350, and im down to 3205 w/o me in spare, trunk mat/carpet, jack, lighter seats, no a/c, lightweight hood, o/r-h is like 35 lbs lighter than the stock one, etc etc...u guys think i can get it into the 13's with just the gears? i also have new kyb gr2s for the front and an american thunder catback on the way to replace my stock struts and rusty welded in flows...
  8. if that thing didn't run mid 13's now I'd give you 5 dollars. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that you'll run well into the 13's now!
  9. why do you say that? its pretty much a stock mustang, im surprised in how fast ive actually gotten it to go...with the 3.73's im hoping for 13.8-13.9
  10. you'll definately go 13's....when you do make it to the track please post your times...i'm wanting to do gears as well and i'm leaning towards 3.73's over the 4.10's.
  11. Heh, I have times in my sig. for comparision from when I had the AODE and the now 5 speed just to give you an idea. ;)
  12. damn a 14.2 at 96 I think the mph is alittle low but that may be from the Nittos (assuming drag radials). A 2.01 60ft is not great but not bad either. That track must be awsome, I hear englishtown is the BEST though to get good times.

    The 3.73's droped me .2 or .3 so that would put you in the 13.9 or so...but the mph is just a tad slow least around here a 99-100mph is gen what gets a 13.9 or better with the type of 60ft you looking at. Getting that 60 down to a 1.8 would do it too. I just done know if the stock longblock has the top end to pull it out...might.

    My best with so few mods was a 14.3 at like 98 with a 2.0 60ft on street tires. I had 3.73's, pullies, home made CAI, K&N, 14* and flowmaster american thunder catback. The track was like 750-800ft above sea level (actuall not weather realated dunno that) and mild early summer weather. I really dont know if a better 60 would have helped up top though...I noticed that with a 2.1 or high 2.1 60 there was little to no change in the overall outcome.

    damn a long post...
  13. I'm going go against everyone else and say NO. You won't make it into the 13's just with the gear swap.

    Just speaking from my own experience with doing gears before the suspension, exhaust, and H/I parts. Went from the stock 2.73s to 3.73s and didn't get any quicker down the track with no horsepower changes to the engine.

    Now, if you had gone 4.10s I would say 13s were in the bag.

    You'll find that you will get to shift into fourth but be nowhere near your stock peak rpm when you cross the finish line. With 4.10s you'd be a lot closer to peak hp rpm.

    I believe Ernie (Slow5.0) had a similar experience when he did his gear swap.

    Be sure to post up your results.
  14. hey man may i ask where you got yours done and how much it cost?
  15. Yea, my dad's friend Steve from Steves Transmission Repair in Stillwater, NJ did the swap. Steve is one of the nicest guys around, and really knows what hes doing considering hes been building and racing drag cars for a long ass time. My dad brought the Chevelle there to have the spool taken out, and the posi swapped back in, and when he went to pick the car up, he just drove my car there, and left mine there, and had him do the gear swap. On the reciept, it says $275 for ring and pinion swap, but it cost like $700 total for me cause my dad ordered the gears through him plus a trac-lok rebuild kit, plus he had to rebuild the trak-lok, plus he had to soak the rear backing plates in oil for 4 hrs to get the backing plate bolts loose to get the axles out. It was a good chunk of change, but it had to be done. If you are considering going to him, PM me and ill give you his info.

    On another note, how many mph do you guys think ill gain by swapping gears?
  16. I didn't mean anything negative by it, I was just saying that gears tend to take .3 about off your et which should deff put you where you want to be. even more so when you get your new exhaust on as well...
  17. no offense taken, just wondering hahaha....its all good man, hopefully this **** will get into the 13's...then the 12'
  18. Michael, I have no doubts at all

    You've got racing in your blood, and punching out times like that with as little mods as you had at the time

    Keep traction and you're fine! :nice:
  19. yea only thing is now my dad is making me take the dr's off and putting a set of 315 sumi's on cause he doesnt want me driving the car 800 miles down to schoo with dr' now i gotta find another set of rims to mount my dr's on cause ive got 2 sets of them
  20. Congrats on the new gearset :D

    You have the knack for sure with that et
    What little you've done to make more power

    Of course ... the stick gives you options you
    just wouldn't have with an auto

    Will you dip into 13's :shrug:

    You could but you might not the first time out
    because ..........
    It very well could take you a trip or two to get
    accustomed to how different it is gonna behave

    Here is a tip that will take at least a tenth away
    It takes a toll on the Ole Stang

    The problem with DR's is they can do just so much
    You got big honkin DR's at that and they are so heavy
    Low profiled ... you get absolutely no sidewall flex
    as opposed to
    A REAL wrinkle wall slick
    or even
    A taller DR such as one on a light Prostar wheel

    Not trying to say the DR's are bad
    Saying they can't absorb driveline shock like slicks


    If you feather the clutch a bit on the launch ....

    Your sixty foot will fall for sure :nice:
    You will shorten the life on your clutch :notnice:

    What you could do is try it for a few passes to get the
    hang of the method.
    Then get all conditions optimum like cool down and such
    for a go for broke low et pass
    and then
    Don't Do It No More :rlaugh:

    Heres another :D

    TRUE Power Shifting ;)
    Do I need to explain how it can effect your wimpy t-5 :rlaugh:
    if done correctly ... you will gain at least a tenth

    I myself ... wouldn't do it :nono:

    Sounds like you are havin fun :banana:
    Hope you break a 13 :nice:
    Good Luck! :)