Gears installed!

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  1. I agree with final now that I think about it....I put dr's on my car last friday night and only got two passses.....first was [email protected] with a 2.8 60' I thought I could launch at 2500 on the BFG's and boy was I wrong....2nd pass [email protected] with a 2.20 60' (started to spin, let out hit it again and hooked)....what I'm getting at is a ran better on the nearly bald 245-45-17 street tires (whatever stock 04 gt's have). I was disappointed to say the least, but the track as always wasn't very well prepped IMO since my brother said each gear had a small chirp when shifted and I couldn't hear inside since I had my stock catback in the trunk it was rattling around, plus it was my first time and had no idea what to expect.
  2. thanks or the good info man...actually, i have been doing everything yur saying when i race...i launch at abou 3500 rpms sliping the clutch out... guess the only way to find out is to wait til march when i can get out to the track
  3. Slipping the clutch is nothing new ;)

    It helps when you don't have the ability to ...............
    Dump the clutch at max rpm and hold


    Breaking Loose :(
    Breaking Parts :rlaugh:

  4. hahaha the story of my trac-lok was in a zillion pieces after this past race season...i cant believe the car was actually driveable after that
  5. You are aware that Sumitomos get about as much traction as driving on ice right? My buddy has 315 sumis on his and it does nothing but spin. So dont be expecting to get 13s with those tires.

    With your DRs however, yeah, 13.9 is a good goal.
  6. yea i know, the sumi's are just for driving it to school and such, and ill have the dr's mounted back on when i get back in the summer so i can use them at the track all summer...then at the end of the summer ill either get another set of back wheels for the sumi's, or swap them back on...