Gears, Tuner, Pulleys

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  1. Looking for input.

    I bought a new 2010, V6, stick. Added a BBK CAI, Pypes X-pipe Cat-Bak with GT mufflers. Also swapped the stock 7.5" rear end with a T-Lok 8.8" GT rear end that also has 3.31 gears. Sounds good, breathes better.

    Looking for "next steps" without tearing into the motor ... still under 10K on it and its a daily driver.

    1. 3.73 gears? (looking for good Detroit area shop to install)
    2. Tuner - ??
    3. Under Drive Pulley (only one I've found is a single crank pulley. Input?).

    Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. underdrive pulleys would be best bang for buck. But all on the list will help. A nitrous kit will add 75-125 for under $800 also.:)