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  1. What gears do I want on my 2002 v6 automatic? 3.73's or 4.10's. If 4.10's, don't you lose a lot of top end? Or peg your rev a lot faster. (Keep in mind that I'm spraying, I don't know if that makes a difference). I am also gonna be going with the Diable Delta Stage 3 flip chip.

  2. If you have an Auto, Go with the 4.10's. If your spraying, It should not make a difference as long as you get the speedo recal'd. Just make sure you get that chip/recal, otherwise spraying won't be fun. You don't lose top end, at least good luck hitting top end on the track or city driving for that fact. You will rev a lot quicker as well. But if your gonna gear it do it right and get 4.10's with the auto, if you had a manual you would do best with 3.73's.
  3. I don't mean you lose top end, I mean if I'm getting 99 mph now, I probably won't get that mph with 4.10's, but my 60' would be a lot better. 4.10's make your acceleration quicker, but harder to get high top speeds?
  4. Don't fear the gear. Go with 4.10's. I had 3.73's in my 7.5". My 8.8" came with the 4.10's, and I wouldn't trade 'em for anything. :flag:
  5. I have an 02 v6 w/auto and I was thinking of swapping the 3.27 gears to 3.73s.
    The car is my daily driver and I do a lot of city driving my mpg is between 16-18.5 So I dont want it to drop to much lower than that and thats why im hesitent of switching to the 3.73s, because of losing my MPG
  6. yes it will hurt your top end, if you try to top out your car.
  7. 4.10's for NA
    3.73's for Blown
  8. With new installation does the whining that the gears make eventually go away once you break them in a little better?

    Also, what is the best way to get a speedo on 99+ recalibrated without using something like a diablo chip or any other type chip?
  9. If the gears are whining, they may have been put in wrong, not calibrated correctly, whatever.

  10. Well, if you have a 5 spd, then you can get a speedo recalibrator, but for close to half the price of a chip, I'd just give Justin @ VMP a shout. He'll take good care of ya. :nice:
  11. 99+ stangs don't have speedo gears from what i understand. i've just read the people have a little bit a whining in the rear end after a rear end swap and it subtly dies off as you break them in. thats mainly what i was wondering about. i'm goin to RPM Outlet within the next week or so to get a Delta Chip burned and installed to catch up with the other mods i have.