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  1. Ive heard it a hundred times DON'T FEAR THE GEAR but was wondering if you guys had a 3.73 laying around would you put it in, or wait and get 4.10s? :shrug: The car is a 97 cobra the only mods are h-pipe, mufflers, cold air, and 100 shot of nitrous.
  2. You would have much more fun with the 4.10's.

    The 3.73's wouldn't be bad if you had a major power adder on top of it.
    I'm debating on stepping up to a 4.30 gear now :shrug:
  3. with 4.10's and N20 wouldn't that be alot of shifting?
  4. This is my daily driver for now, and I drive about 30 miles back and forth to work. What is the difference in rpm running around 65mph and what effect on fuel mileage? Also what times can I expect?
  5. Can't help you on the times.

    The 4.10's might hurt ya at the track since you will be shifting right before the traps. RPM wise, it would be maybe a 400 RPM difference between the gears (not sure where you would be RPM wise at 65mph). Gas mileage in theory would be better, but you will be more tempted to blip the throttle around town (at least I am) so you may see a tiny drop in MPG.

    Mine isn't a daily driver, so I can't remember all the small details such as where my RPM's are at going 65mph.
  6. Yea, I would probably be on the gas ALOT more with the gear.Its just NEVER FAST ENOUGH! What kind of tires are you running and is traction a problem?
  7. Street tires...Yokahama 275/35/18....forget about traction. I'm pushing over 500RWHP though.

    Strip, some street...Nitto DR 275/40/17....I can spin em pretty easy in first if I want, but they hook the rest of the time.

    I will be going to a BFG DR next summer for the street. I have Cobra R wheels 18x9.5. For the track, I will be moving to an ET Street since I'm having a solid axle put in next week. :nice: No more wheel hop....damn IRS :bang:
  8. 4.10's if you don't go to the track, 4.30's if you do...That's all you need to know...
  9. Both 4.10's and 4.30's make a Cobra shift into 4th at the track...and unless you have some major spray going on you won't be having to shift into 5th...
  10. Looks like Ill wait for the 4.10s. Thanks!

  11. :drool: Me very Jealous :drool:

  12. [/QUOTE] Me very Jealous
  13. I got GKNs. Plus too much money to try to stop the hop. But you getting the only real solution. I will go there myself sometime in 2004.

    Let me know how it works out, also if you sell the GKNs what you get since I plan to sell my IRS or SWAP it, but I want to sell the GKNs on the side since they cost be $820.00.