1. Bottomline here, if you're swapping from 2.73's like I did you will absolutely love a set of 3.55s.
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  2. Grover,
    I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone say they "hated" 3:73's. O'well, everybody is different.

    I think for the area we live in that only has pretty much one freeway (the I-90) and everything else is back highways that top out at 60mph so I feel pretty safe with getting 73's. I know you have about 1,000 HP more than me but your opinion still counts since you have experience. I just talked to a guy that's in Otis Orchards and he's going to do my gearing for a good price in the next couple weeks and i'll finally get my MM subframes installed too.
  3. either way, 3.55 or 3.73 you will love either one.

  4. I've driven Foxes with both 3.55's and 3.73's. After doing my 5-spd swap, i sought out friends with both those gears to give it a try and preferred the 3.55's. I was doing pretty much back to back test drives.
  5. Now you have me wanting to hop into my car and go find out for sure. Unfortunately I cannot.

    RPM or mileage aside, i just know that every time I take my car for a ride with 3.73's...I dislike it because of the gearing.

    I daily drove a 03GT for 5 years and LOVED the 3.27's. never had any desire to replace them. After selling the car and getting back into my Fox...I just don't like the gearing as much
  6. Well I understand you dont like the gears just dont think 3.55's are gonna make you happy either.

    120 rpm at 70 is not going to be noticable

    Anyhow you are the exception to the norm, hater :)
  7. I actually looked into 3.31's for a bit from the newer 05+ Mustangs.

    Anyway you slice it...my car does still have 3.73's in it. So aparently I don't hate them that much. But i do know if i had a bone stock Fox with 2.73's...i wouldn't consider 3.73's for it. Prob 3.55's would be the steepest.
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  8. Previous owner put 4.10's in mine. Too much. Ill prob put 3.55's in one day
  9. Well thanks guys for all the input. That is exactly what I was looking for. I decided to take a ride to Delaware Sunday for a little car show - about an hour down I95 - I and I really enjoyed the highway cruiseability (not a word) of my car so I'll probably go with the 55's so I keep some of that. I'm sure I'll notice the difference from my stock gears. Like I've heard on this thread my regular road cruising at 45-50 mph is a struggle between 3rd and 4th gear. Keep it coming though because I'm probably about 2 weeks from pulling the trigger
  10. I have 3.55's in my SSC and 3.73's in my '88vert. I enjoy both my cars the same as if there's not too much difference of one gear versus the other. Although the 3.55's do offer "slightly" lower rpms on the hwy.
    My SSC does make nearly 200rwhp more than my vert so the 3.55's are appreciated there.
    Although the 3.73's make my vert feel very fast.
    If you are swapping from the stock 2.73's you will enjoy either gear.

    When I went from 2.73's to the 3.73's in my vert, "Holy smoke", it felt like it picked up 100 horsepower. LOL

    Good Luck!
  11. I felt the same way after gears I was like holy crap race car

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  12. that wore off after a week lol

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  13. Never wore off for me. Its been 6 years and I still absolutely love driving my vert with the 3.73's!
  14. I had 55's my bro has 73's.. Not much of a difference in rpm.. I say 73's.. I have 73's in my auto vert.. I would hate to see what a 3.08 feels like.
  15. I stopped and talked to the guy who owns the local high performance shop in my area - he did my clutch and I'm really happy with it - and shared with him all the input I've gotten from this thread. He says go with the 73's. He says that I'll really feel the performance difference and my 5th gear is an overdrive of sorts so the highway should be no problem. Done 73's
  16. Goo
    Good choice. And I have a set for sale ;)

  17. Excellent choice.
    I ran 13.2's with 3.73's with no mods other than stock MAM bored to 60mm, off road H pipe, 235 drs.
    With that car I drove 3500 miles non stop (well, gas n food) diagonally across the county.
    Ran handy to 80mph in the day and 100mph at night. Got 24mpg on the trip.
    Running at 65mph routinely returned 26+mpg... with a best ever trip of 29mpg... 65mph at sea level.
    Don't look back.
  18. Thanks but I'm gonna have my guy supply and install them. That way if there is any problem with them it's his problem. I think he's going Ford Racing
  19. OK another question. Since I'm going from stock to a higher gear is there anything else that should be adjusted with the car to adapt to the higher gear?
  20. Shifter. Aluminum driveshaft

    Have the bearings replaced with the gears. Consider a trac loc rebuild too
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