General clean-up 89 GT 'Vert questions.


Mar 13, 2019
Pittsburgh PA
Finally have my 89 GT convertible in roadworthy condition. I have not given it a bath or polished it. I'm a novice detailed I've got some know-how and tools. Some Fox specific questions:

1- The plastic cladding on the GT- Is it painted grey, moulded in grey,etc.? Can I polish/wax it like the rest of the paint and not have it turn white?

2- Are the wheel locks necessary to hold the increasingly rare "turbine" centercaps on? I plan on refinishing the centercaps ( and the wheels one day)and I don't want to lose one without the wheel locks. I bought new lugnuts, but not new wheel locks.

3- Best way to get heavy stains/ dirt out of the carpeting? I have a portable steamer and it worked fairly well, but I think I need some extra cleaning power.

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