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  1. Actually, I know it's not Tech, but just checking in to see if any of my old Stang buddies are still around. Been busy with the 2011 since I got it 3 years ago. Getting read to put a Roush TVS in.

    Hope all you guys are well!!

  2. Is this one all shiny too? Glad to see your still around.

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  3. @94GTLaserRC
    Most are actually still here. Some bought new cars but still frequent the site often.
  4. I try to bounce through from time to time. Life kinda got in the way for a few years with my job, house, daughter, etc. Still got the same car and it's on jack stands in the garage at the moment. Got a few winter projects lined up including paint, trans, fuel system, and boost.
  5. RoushBumper04_zpsd3eb73b2.jpg

    Car is not "blingy" as that took a lot of time, and I was always concerned about the heat. Car puts down 399/385 as is on Motor with LTs, tune, etc and I have some susp mods. Roush TVS going in later in the winter at Power By The Hour where Ken B does the tuning Via Lund. Hope some more of my old friends jump in!
  6. I'm wanting to buy new Mustang but the wife is bugging me about the Challenger SRT8 so I'm torn. Just bought an SUV so I got some time. My job is 1.6 miles from house so I can buy a real 1966 Cobra 427 and only put 500 miles a year on it if I drove it every day to work. Also been toying with just getting a 2003 Cobra and since it's got a blower I can really get nuts since I won't be driving it far.
  7. Let me know when you get something and want to hit up a car show. Ive hit up some other shows (besides towers) over the last year and it's fun. My car "turns 3" at the end of the month and only 14k miles on it, so doing well with that. Hope to see you around..I got first beer !

  8. Well your work is up the street like mine is now. My oldest son will be 15 in a few months so I need to get myself a project so I can give him my wife's daily driver. He wants to work on a project with me anyway, he was too young with the 94 years ago but now he's 6'2" / 148lbs plays high school tackle football so now it's time. Plus he will need something when he turns 16 because I'm not driving him around anymore. Practices, games, events and my youngest son plays basketball, practices, games, I need a break already.

    I'm thinking if I get a 2003 Cobra I can mod the hell out of it If I have no payments. If I buy something new I'm limited. Anyone see any 2003 Cobra's for sale please let me know, I'm interested. Sonic Blue preferred.

    Like this one.

  9. Vibrant,

    Come to the Packy's show this Saturday night- They have one the 2nd Saturday every month.. About 40-50 cars show up..
  10. @mikestang63

    I live in Mission Bay, Glades & Cain. I eat at Packy's at least twice a month. Both my boys love the car show. I'll be there on Saturday evening. I've done that car show a million times.

  11. Come say hi neighbor. I'll be there with the family. Hoping Richie will be there as he has been on chemo for some time. I bet our kids are the same age and go to the same school.

    @94GTLaserRC , I bought the wifey a 13 mustang base... she loves the car and have to admit I enjoy driving it. It's quite a shock going from that to my fox
  12. I got one at West Boca High School and the other at Sandpiper Shores Elementary. I'll see you there.
  13. lookin pretty good RC, good choice with the TVS. should put down some decent numbers
  14. Hey Ryan! Thanks...hope all is well with you also.

    Joe/Mike: what is Packeys? Im always looking for a casual show to go visit every 4-5 weeks. Got any links to the event or maps/times of the shows? I may go up there in a couple weeks.

  15. I've not seen any pic whoring from you in a really long time. You're overdue. :nice:
  16. Packy's is a little dive sports bar out in West Boca. Every 2nd Saturday they have a show that attracts about 40 or so cars. Live DJ and pretty good time. It's tonight btw from 5-9..
  17. It's a very small show, nothing like Towers. They did hand out small trophies though.