General SVO info needed

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  1. I know next to nothing about these cars, found an 84 SVO for sale in decent condition. Wanted to know general stuffs about them, how quick are they stock? What is the stock turbo capable of, and stock engine internals?

    Did they use a blow-thru on the 84s? Thought EFI wasn't until 85-86 on fords...?
  2. According to the info I've got (I dont own an svo.) they used multipoint fuel injection and came with 175 hp and 210 ft/lb torque. It also states that you can go up to 14lb of boost with the stock setup. From the factory it should do slightly under 7.5 sec 0-60 and 15.3 sec 1/4 mi at 90 mph. Top speed is around 130. They were noted for handeling better than the GT's of the day. They also came with 5 lug wheel setups and 4 wheel disk brakes. (Not seen again on a fox until the '93 cobra.) These cars are somewhat rare and if it's in good condition and the price is decent, it would be loads of fun to drive and a good investment.
  3. '84 was the first year of the SVO. Yes, they were EFI, the 2.3 EFI Turbo actually debuted the year before that in the Thunderbird.

    Stock turbo on it should be a .60/.48 T3. You can turn it up pretty good, the engine itself can take about anything you can throw at it (lots of guys run 20 psi on a stock bottom end) but you will want a good intercooler for anything that high!

    A Turbo coupe intercooler is supposed to be an upgrade over the stocker and they can be had pretty cheap. It's not as good as a front mount though.
  4. they are quick cars and hard to find if i were you i would buy it no question with a lil work they will out run most anything stock... i got an 89 mustang that i put the 2.3 tc engine in and it out runs late 90s model gts