"Gentlemen, statr your MOTORS!"

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  1. Not to add fuel to the fire, but I did some asking around. I have a friend who has worked as an engineer on F1, CART, and IMSA teams in the past and currently (while retired) works for a company that build off shore power boats. I aksed him about the question at hand and here was his response:

    EDIT - You have to read the following quote in a snippy British accent :D

    Carry on with the debate
  2. Smartest thing said yet. To make a point of it when you damn well know what someone is refering to is meaningless and only serves as an attempt to belittle or agrivate someone for no real purpose. I am totally against that type of thing. :rolleyes:

    BTW, the only reason I haven't given my opinion for a change on the debate is that I still can't understand the thread topic. :shrug:

    How the heck does one STATR an engine or motor or anything for that matter? Is that even an english word? I can't find it in the dictionary like the rest of you guys found the other words. I guess I just non parle-ablo-vous whatever it is? :p
  3. It seems to me that the engine/motor terms have become interchangable, though they did not originate that way.

    Same goes for a pet peeve of mine:


    To me, a rim is a part of a wheel. Specifically, the part around the rim that actually holds the tire. These wacky kids today with their long hair and their hula hoops have pirated the term, and now like it or not (Not!) in popular culture, the term rims now refers to the entire wheel assembly. :notnice:
  4. Pakrat: Yes, I know that I mispelled "start" and I tried to correct it BUT the edit function doesn't work on thread titles. But, I digress.

    akd67: Then is is OK to talk about "motor compartments"? I believe that specific words mean specific things.

    GP001: Your source confims my initial observation!

    Route 66: Actually, an engine/motor is nothing but an air pump. :D

    Blake: To me a rim is the circular part of the wheel that secures the tire. A wheel is the assembly (minus the tire) that is mounted on the lugs.

    Dare I distinguish a hupcap from a wheel cover?
  5. Thats the comparison we make at work, except to air compressors. Of course and air pump or compressor has to have a driver, either electric motor, or steam turbine. So then what would be the cars air compressor driver? Hmmm. Takes fuel to burn and air to burn so the combustion in the cylinder is the driver? Or maybe the spark provided from the ignition? Hmmm. Maybe we should just say, hey what you got in it? To which the asked party would say, 351 cubic inches of bad internal combustion driven air compressor. Nahh.
  6. can someone tell me how to swap a V8 into my 1966 200ci coupe? Thanks!!!

  7. Dare I say yes? Must you first distinguish a hub from a wheel and a cap from a cover?
  8. Yes it is.Like I said before context is what matters to me.If you listen to what the person is talking about its easy to figure out.

    We used to call a kid in my neighborhood "correctall" 25yrs ago.It wasnt very witty but I was 9 and it fit.No matter what you were doing or saying he always had to chime in with some insignificant correction.Did nothing for the conversation then, doesnt now.
  9. You have pretty much summed up my feelings about many of these terminology threads. They serve no purpose but to start an arguement.
  10. I know SD. Exactly why I used it. Like improper use of a term, once it escapes the mouth it is near impossible to reverse. ;)

    That is just the way our culture is, it certainly isn't limited to the auto industry, particulary where brand names are concerned. Some perfect examples are asking for a kleenex when you have to blow your nose. Obviously you would gladly accept pretty much any facial tissue that was offered. How many times have you ordered a Coke only to be brought a glass of whatever particular cola the place may carry?

    While a hotdog a Frankfurter and a weiner are all different, would anyone begrudge anyone for mistankingly refer to one as the other? Has the world become such an intolerable place these days that the thought of even interchanging their respective buns amongst themselves would be cause for a verbal lynching? Whether you are the type of person that wears Jeans, Denim or Dungarees, we should all be given the same consideration that we would like for ourselves when the time comes (and it will) to commit our own faux pax. :flag:

    BTW, I am just fanning the flames, I could honestly care less and am pretty much being a hypocrite in everything I said becasue there is nothing I enjoy doing more than hopping on someone's innocent mistake as I am sure you all know. :D :stick:
  11. I hear ya pakrat. If we want to fan a little on terminology, lets look at a few of Daves rules.
    1. Rust never sleeps. Are we to assume rust is awake then. And if it NEVER sleeps then how can it be awake. For without sleep, there is no awake. Hmm.
    2. Given enough time blah blah, anything is possible. Well lets see you shove a mustang up your nose in one piece. No melting it down, creamating and snorting allowed please.
    3. Never say a job IS easy until after you FINISH it. Ahh, but if you have finished it, would you not say that the job WAS easy.
    4. Cheap aint good and good aint cheap. Would that not depend on your definition of cheap and good? Are we talking cheap in quality or cheap in price? Is good to you good to joe next door guy? Some people say any sex is good sex, is that not right?

    hmm. These are all valid points and require deep research. As is the question, why do we say Tuna Fish. Is not fish suffiecient. Or tuna. Is a there another kind of tuna besides fish. Maybe tuna dog, or tuna cat. Oh well, I don't really care either but I figured I would add to the silliness of this thread. Maybe we should get back to the 6 versus 8 stuff. :rlaugh:
  12. Pakrat: I imagine, that if you needed a KLEENEX badly enough, even a piece of toilet paper (new) would be acceptable! :D If you ordered a hot dog, frankfurter or weiner, wouldn't you expect that is what you'd be given?

    "Verbal lynching"? I don't see where any of this has decended to that level. "Faux pax" OK, I mistyped "start" as "statr" and I admitted it!

    mp67: If you'll note, ALL of the Timeless Wisdoms" (below) appear witin quoatations marks. That being he case, they are to be considered MY words. I need not explain my reasoning. MOST people take the "Wisdoms" in the humorous context in which they were written.

    In an effort to steer this back to the topic, let me say that this forum appears in only one dimension, the typed word.. Accordingly what is written is highly up to interpretation depending on the reader's comprehension and personal bias. Therefore, the selection of appropriate and commonly understood terms is essential.

    To illustrate, let me point to the term "tune-up". Just EXACTLY what that means is highly subjective and any QUALIFIED practioner has learned to specify what it means in dealing with customers. The clearer the terminology that is understanable to the customer, the better.

    Whether is is an "engine" or a "motor" is academic and I brought it up to illustrate the importance of chosing words carefully to suit the situation.
  13. That's why they call it "motor" oil.
  14. Oz! Sorry you stumbled into a "hot" thread but welcome back!
  15. Yes, as was my post. Although you still never explained the hubcap/wheelcover thing to us.
  16. mp67:p Easy!

    A "hubcap" covers the hub; specifically the spindle, wheel bearing and related functiona parts. A hubcap has a functional purpose.

    A "wheelcover" is a decorative and often ornimental covering of the wheel.

    BTW, Today it is common for a car to have both. In the early era of the automobile, like on the Model T, such a part could be BOTH functional AND decorative. The Model T used a hubcap that was decorative as well. It protected the hub, etc. AND had a FORD script as well.
  17. Did you also notice that Union 76 is no longer the "Official Fuel of NASCAR" ?
  18. Geez Oz I guess you missed post #5 in this thread :(

    Or you just ignored it because of the poster :rlaugh:

    Nice to see ya back, did you just start to thaw out?
  19. I guess the reason the complainers to the original purpose of this thread missed the boat, is the reason this thread was started. This is a forum, and forums exist to make one think and to express ideas, at least that's how I interpreted Super Dave's explanation to the question as to why this thread was started for. :hail2: :hail2: Super Dave :nice: Keep up the good work SD.
  20. How about, "start your internal combustion, reciprocating, spark ignited engines." We could also call them "powerplants". I like that word. POWERPLANT! Propulsion is cool, too. I worked on T56-15 turboprop POWERPLANTS in the 908th PROPULSION shop.