"Gentlemen, statr your MOTORS!"

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by SuperDave, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Dale Sr. would be alive now, if he hadn't been a bonehead, who refused to wear the new (at the time) neck brace.

    You think they need to change the rules again, and get those rear wings moved forward on the cars? They seem to be forcing those rearends loose as they are now...
  2. I think what would be cool is if they got Dimebag Darrell (Darrell Paul, guitarist for Pantera) to start it by saying "Git it OWN!" (in his awesome Texan accent) :nice:
  3. Naw, ZZtop! Billy Gibbons is an old car guy. Boyd Coddington has built him some great customs including "Cadzilla". "Sharp Dressed Man", "Planet of Women" etc. are typical of ZZ's tunes! Great crusin' music!

    BTW, ZZTop is out of Texas as well! (I'd best stop or you'll think I'm "argueing" with you, YIKES!) :nono: :nono: :rlaugh:
  4. Well, I don't know about everybody else, but I certainly am not taking any of this seriously. I have been looking at it as a friendly debate with a little :stick: every now and again.

    I can say this though, the next time someone asks a question about their motor or their "motor" or any variant there of, I will likely choose to answer there question as best as possible as opposed to answering it with an opposing question of whether they say what they mean or mean what they say.

    On second thought, perhaps I will just reply with a link to this thread. :p
  5. :D :nice:

  6. I hear what you are saying Dave. Me, I always just called the thing that required gasoline a motor, patatoe...potatoe.
  7. I'm not taking it too seriously, except for defining the heat engine before. :D

    While I feel the definitions are the definitions, some just sound stupid if used at the wrong time, like in starting NASCAR.

    Dave, don't stress too hard mate, I just love giving good evidence to back stuff up, I don't bust blood vessels over much, I just like to spice up the convo.

    I was just thinking of a detailed way to say "start your engines", and it starts a little something like this: "connect a circuit to create electric fields with opposing forces in order to apply an angular force on the flywheel...." lol you could go rather in depth. I'd love to see Dr Frink from The Simpsons start the race lol.
  8. Route 66: You have me figured all wrong! I'm just a guy that likes to use words as effectively and meaningfully as I can. Stressed? Hardly! I think playing with words and their meanings is FUN!

  9. Sorry about that GP. I jumped in on page 2. Great minds think alike.
  10. :nice:
  11. I don't think borrow is correct, unless it is possible to give the topic back? :p