Genuine Ford Oem Polished Bullitt Style Mustang Wheels 2006 Gt

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  1. Hit a curb with yours?? Its easy to do.. take a chunk out? Good luck repairing it.. Everyone loves these rims so good luck finding them. Genuine Ford OEM Bullitt style Mustang wheels 2006 GT.
    - 18" x 8.5"
    - Polished cast aluminum
    - No center caps, these 2006 wheels do not accommodate OR require sensors. (factory 06)
    - Fits 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009. May fit other years with spacers.
    - Ford MSRP is $525+ per wheel!

    I have 3 very good with very slight wear. The fourth one hit on a curb and drives fine but damaged cosmetically, I plan on not selling. I will post up pics. :)

    $250 per wheel plus shipping (shipping shouldnt be too much per wheel). Thats less than half Ford and less than you will find anywhere else. Thanks in advance.
  2. pics posted, sold as is, I AM negotiable... Wheel2 rim doesnt look bad in the pic so I circled it to be sure you see it. That rim.. shessh, depends on the light but I looked at it the other day and thought.. why am I just not keeping it. Oh well.. Blow the rims up in ms paint or something if yo uwant to look close. They are good condition mild wear as expected. Car has 50k on it.

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