SOLD Genuine Ford Racing SVO Export Fender Flares

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    I’ve decided it’s time to sell my fender flares. I took them off last year and they’ve sitting in my closet ever since. These are the real deal SVO export fender flares. These are body plastic like our bumper covers, not brittle fiberglass and were a factory installed part for some exported SN95 Mustangs (for Japan I think).

    They are painted gloss black to match my Mustang but can easily be repainted to match your car.

    This sale will include the needed, but not always available, rocker panel end caps so they would work for late model ’95 through ’98 Mustangs that had a different style end cap.

    Because I was running a wider tire & wheel out back, I had about an 1/8” trimmed off the rear fender lip and flares by my body shop. By doing so, it cut into a couple of the flare’s precut openings for the mounting screws but it shouldn’t be a problem. My body shop guy suggested simply drilling new mounting holes away from those areas and it will hold them in place as they had before. I never had to do so as I didn’t have any problems and the flares still held tight.

    $250 obo + shipping


    When they were mounted on my GT for reference:

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  2. Price Drop: $200+paypal fees, shipped
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