35th Anniv Get out your check books gentlemen, its on eBay.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, May 31, 2006.

  1. Nice!! Not sure why you buy a car and store it for seven years only to turn around and sell it. Great collector's car though.
  2. Dang, almost a waste to let that car sit for that long. No way are they going to get what they paid for it either.

    If it was a coupe and I won the lottery...:)
  3. I'm currently the highest bidder, coryboy345!!!
  4. Cool! Are you going to meet the reserve?

  5. If you win the auction, what are your plans with the car? I'm kinda torn as to what I'd do. If I had one already, I'd keep that one stock and original with VERY little mileage.
  6. Red9935thGT,

    Good luck on the bidding, and as VOORHEES said I think I would consider leaving that car stock if you win it.
  7. I very highly doubt I will win the auction, but if i won the car, id keep it the way it is right now, probably driving it about 100 miles a year just around the block and storing it in my garage. I only put a bid on it up to $21,000 and I have no idea what he put the reserve as. Judging from past very low mileage limiteds i've seen on there, the bidding usually never gets above around 16K, the last one i saw on there only had 1,616 miles... Since this is new, probably no one will bid on it over 19K and i will still be stuck with the winning bid and the reserve not met.

  8. I met the guy who owns that car about 2 years ago, he is a weird little fella. He hinted at having a "few"(probably a box) of the "Limited" brochures that were a real hot item, but would not let us buy any. He never shows the car at all. Its about time someone else owns it IMHO. Good luck!
  9. Where did you meet him at? That sounds pretty odd.... I emailed him a little while ago and asked if he would be interested in a trade + cash for my coupe if I didn't meet the reserve, and he still wanted a 35th that he could drive. He hasn't responded back yet so I dont know. I definately won't be paying close to what he paid for it though I can tell you that, and I doubt anyone will on ebay for that matter. His best bet would be to auction that car off at a real auto auction with people who know what the 35th limiteds are. He probably would get more then what he paid for it then.
  10. At a MCA National show in Pigeon Forge TN. David from 35th.com was there and they talked breifly.
  11. Wasn't there an ad on 35th.com last year with the same car for sale?
  12. Thought I remembered seeing it before. He's obviously been trying to sell it for a long time. I'd kill for that convertible boot cover with the 35th emblem on it!
  13. The guy finally responded back to my email, his reserve on the auction is set at $25,000, and he isn't interested in any trades, so I guess trading him my coupe is out. No one on ebay will ever bid close to that so it's not going to sell, and i don't have that kind of cash for another 35th. For that kind of money I'd just buy an 03/04 cobra with about 6,000 miles. :(
  14. Welp, less then a day left and no one else has bid on it.
  15. man, if i had the cash i would take it in a heartbeat. Dont think i would drive it, being that i have one to drive already, but i'd definitely show it. It would probably be a trailer queen.
  16. I really wanted that vehicle....... Would have been nice to have both a red convertible and coupe.