Geting Ready To Start On My 69 Shelby Replica -et Five Spokes?

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  1. i am planning i think? on gulf stream aqua. i want a classic type wheel. what do you guys think of the et five window, grey center and polished outer rim ?15 by 8s with a fifth mounted on the package
    tray in side. i saw a set with the 5 windows polished , and they realy looked good .i was also
    think knock offs. i definatly want 245 15 BFGs. i like the ride but black wall out. 5wha_cast_1510_fp.jpg IMG_1212.JPG
  2. got my computer up and running again. took 4 days to wipe it and reinstall all my programming,printers ,cammera ,and all the other little junk i have on it. lost all my pics except for what is in my albums here on stangnet,and a couple hard coppies.:SN:
    went up to the local cassino to cool down and won $1500. . happy birth day to me, no its not my birthday but woo hoo.went out and bought the sand and primer for the
    69, going to sand blast tomarrow and epoxy prime friday .bout time somthing went right. you know $1500. wont go far but i am going to have fun spending it on my 69:banana:
  3. On a 69 Shelby replica, I'd use the correct 69-70 Shelby wheels. You did say replica.

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  4. i like the shelby wheel but i want to be a little different. not planning any shelby emblems or stripes. thinking pro car seats, and instead of the wood grain dash and
    door panels i am thinking carbon fiber. alredy have a 500 hp 351 w and heavy duty
    toploader and detroit locker with 3.50s. front towers are going to stay intact so a TCP
    front suspension will do nicely. no back seat, i have a package tray that mounts the spare just like a 65 r tray.
    got it blasted today,5 hours ,25 bags of sand and 8 gallons of gass .completly worn
    out but it feels good to geter done. didnt blast the roof or quarters as i had paint striped
    them about 5 months ago and epoxy primed them. hope to epoxy primer tomarrow. IMG_1701.JPG IMG_1704.JPG IMG_1702.JPG IMG_1705.JPG
  5. nice car!, but I'm sorry to say I don't care for your wheel choice. I like the 69 shelby replica wheels or just use something like some torque thrust IIs. But hey, that's why they call it YOUR car, you get to pick hehe.
  6. i like the torque thrusts but every one has them, including me. just feel like it needs to be different. actualy not going shelby replica, kinda shelby like or type. fiberglass only.
  7. IMG_1710.JPG IMG_1711.JPG IMG_1708.JPG epoxy primed . that is the stickiest stuff i have ever seen! makes a mess out of the paint booth. if you stand in one spot to long your boots will stick to the floor.
    next week i am going to spray the inside floors ,roof and inside the trunk with bed liner.
  8. 100% on this wheel.
  9. shelby replica only as far as the fiberglass,no emblems no stripes. i do like the look
    of the 69 wheel,but they are only 7 inch wide and i realy dont want an exact replica.
    the paint scheme will either be gulfstream aqua, two toned with the top 2000 f150
    arizona desert beige or bronze. i have been toying with the idea of totaly blacking it out and i think the et s would go well with the dark centers. the hub caps are optional and i dont realy like them. i was thinking that knockoffs would look good. especialy if i go with black.
  10. me personally, like your wheel choice.To put on replica wheels is nothing new and been done a millon times over. Why do what ford already did???I also have TTII's and have had them since '94 and agree they are played out.
  11. my thinking exactly. my 35 ford truck has the TTII"s and they look good for it ,just want somthing a little different .knock offs change the look quite a bit on the ETs. does any one make carbon fiber door sill moldings? like to see somthing like the
    new ones with the running horse that lights up .the door aplique would be easy, you
    can get carbon fiber in sheets and i saw some one was doing the inst. bezzel. the clock
    aplique i may have to have made. the trim strip in the trunk lid and end caps can be made from sheets easily enough. i have the origional type, all i would have to do is pull
    the trim off and put it on the carbonfiber,and leave the shelby leters out, the console aplique is flat and easily made from sheet as well. i would like to carry over the carbon fiber to the engine compartment as well, such as air cleaner lid and valve covers. i may have to get with the fiberglass shop and have a few things made. i would like to see somthing like the shelby type stearing wheel with a carbon fiber rim.
  12. At $1500 per set, the wheels I suggest have surely NOT "been done a million times over". The 69-70 Shelby-only chromed aluminum composite wheels were one of the most attractive wheels ever installed on any car. Very rarely seen at car shows, certainly rarely seen on anything but real 69-70 Shelbys.
  13. $1500 is not alot for wheels. At the recent Knotts berry Farm show, there was A LOT of Shelby's or replica Shelby's.And they got walked on by.No matter how much money was in the car, people looked and kept on going becasue it was same as the car next it and the next one and the next one.
  14. i sprayed some bed liner today. i just did the floor ,just incase i didnt like the way it looked. i like it! this is from wallmart ,by rustolium and it is a two part material. a full
    gallon at around $80 for the kit. i have sprayed much more expensive liner material
    and i would say this is as good or beter and sprayed easily with a nice texture, and a lot less expensive to :nice: the trunk inside is next. it wouldnt bother me to leave this exposed. IMG_1714.JPG IMG_1715.JPG
  15. is that a 428 car or did you replace the shock towers?
  16. just added the plates.when i first bought this car, over 20 years ago. i was told it was special orderd dy a drag team here in calif. it was a 351 4v ,close ratio 4 speed ,3.50 detroit locker with comp suspension .however it was 2 1/2 in drum brakes all the way around, no disks. had all the mach 1 interior with no stripes and did not say mach 1 any were on the car .it was lime gold and i was told they orderd 3 of them identical. it does have the duel exhaust reinforcement plates in the rear floor and had the factory duel exhaust. i always caled it a mach 1 but i believe it was a G.T. .the gass cap was missing when i bought it but the outline showed it was a pop open cap. it had the black out hood with no scoop and hood mounted tach .i used to know the team name but i cant remember it. it had the name on it in a race decal, stupid me never took pics of it. sold it after striping it ,thats right i striped it .guess what ? i still have all the origional parts .except the hood mounted tach. oh the car had shelby 500 slot mags, i think i still have somewere around here.
  17. horse sence, did you have to use a fine sand to blast the car? Does the sand blasting remove oil and rubber undercoating well also? I took my car in to media blast and it was turned away because of the rubber undercoating and a little grease/oil.

    I may sand blast it on the next rebuild.
  18. Your project looks great by the way, nothing like doing it yourself.
  19. i use 30 grit or finer, but usealy 30 grit. media will not remove tar or undercoat .i usualy scrape that off, its a pain in the butt but not even the sand blaster will revove it. the factory tar around the seams is usualy brittle and will flake off .under coat is totaly differant, nothing will touch it. some times i wind up cleaning it off with a gass soaked rag, dangerouse so be carefull. most calif. cars dont have under coat,thankfully.
    do not blast the body panels ,roof ,quarters ,cowl, doors, you get the idea. sand blasting produces heat and it will warp. every thing else gets blasted. paint strip the outer panels. a rotisserie is the way to go .its the easiest way to get the sand out ,keep spinning and vacuming and blowing the rockers and frame rails it will come out. i build my own rotisseries frome hitch and reciever tube. they are very tough. i put the cars on them with front suspension and rear end in place some times. you can rent compressors and blasting pots at your local equipment rentals. i have a 1953 army compressor with a 8 bag presureized blaster, it works great!
  20. Horse sense thanks for the input. I had heard about sand warping panels and originally thought you sand blasted the whole car with good results. My car is a California car but as a teenager, I thought it was a great idea to spray on some auto part store undercoating to make the car quieter and prevent rust.