Geting Ready To Start On My 69 Shelby Replica -et Five Spokes?

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  1. i will on occasion, blast the outer panels ,if it is the origional paint with nothing on top of that. i stand back about 4 feet and hit it in an angle moving the nozzel back and forth quickly not allowing the sand to hit in one spot very long,and not tryng to get every thing off such as the origional primer .that i then D.A. off. i recently did a 67 fb.that the guy blasted .he got it spottless but warped the crap out of the roof ,quarters,
    and tail panel, and i had to replace all of it.
    i wonder about the bed liner i sprayed. some day someone is realy going to **** about it because i dont think it will come off at all.
  2. this is little LEROI as we call him ,from the name on the air valves. hes a 1953
    US of A army gennerator air compressor unit with a large 4 banger that uses two cylniders to run on and two to pump air, runs 120 psi at 90 psi at the nozzle all day
    long,with 50 psi oil pressure. never been dissasembled, yet runs like a top. only thing replaced is 3 fuel pumps, due to todays gass. i paid $2000 for the unit, a 4 bag blaster and an 8 bag blaster, with 60 feet of hose. best money i ever spent ,done about 20 cars so far and hes still going :flag: some day i will have to repaint him the origional army green and put the star back on the doors. IMG_1718.JPG IMG_1719.JPG IMG_1720.JPG
  3. Im new here but in my opinion i'll go with the first wheel, I've seen to many Magnums. What color is going to be the car? I did mine a modern blue (winning blue) that came on the Mazda 3. So I went with modern wheels but inspired on classic ones.
    The car is not finished yet. I have a post with more info about the car.
  4. nice, the 69 wheels are a little different than the magnums ,but not what i am looking for. thinking about gulf stream aqua, but with the upper top portion of the car a bronze metalic. saw one on ebay that was black on the bottom and burgandy on the top, kind of liked it. also been thinking about strait black no stripes, but you never know . the last 69 i painted ,i went in to the paint shop to get acapulco blue and came out with flame red. hopfully this time they will keep the paint charts out of view.
  5. Black looks AWESOME when the body is absolutely PERFECT! If not perfect, black shows even the tiniest flaws and looks like DOO-DOO!
    My Opinion,
  6. thats true, but black on a fast back can send chills up your spine. the body is just about flawless, well except for the small ding on the roof were some one threw an air saw, and it bounced up on the roof. may have been me, but i aint sayin :bang:
    looks great on my 67, johnnys car, and a matching 69 would go well with it.
  7. looks like i may get next week off, if i do i am going to start the body work. couldnt take more than a pint of bondo and a couple of hours. i plan on block sanding several times, and its time to fit the fiberglass. body work will be much easier on the rotisserie, i wont have to bend over. it will be much easier to sand.
  8. bolted on the end caps and side scoops ,other than needing a little sanding on the edges to make them set flat no surprises here, actualy a good fit. missplaced one of the nut plates for the trunk hinges, soon as i find it i will try the trunk lid. the tail panel wont fit with it on the rotisserie . i have to wait untill is on the ground. IMG_1723.JPG IMG_1726.JPG IMG_1729.JPG IMG_1730.JPG IMG_1731.JPG IMG_1732.JPG
  9. found the nut plate fore the trunk hinge. they were right, it was in the last place i looked . the lid is on, fit is realy good. may need a little sanding on the bottom of lid and end caps to even heigth. wont have any problems with this stuff. installed the snubbers first as that is were it will stay when finnished .i also put the latch and striker in to make sure it fit when latched. waiting on a door hinge rebuild kit .the doors and front end fiberglass will be next. cant wait having fun now. IMG_1733.JPG IMG_1734.JPG IMG_1735.JPG IMG_1736.JPG IMG_1737.JPG IMG_1738.JPG
  10. Doo-oood,
    How many projects are you capable of juggling at one time?:jaw: I got to thinkin' bout it and just Off the top of my head you got a 65 or 66 coupe to fastback conversion going on, Johnny's 67 fastback, this 69 replica and maybe something else? I wanna come over and play:), maybe put up a tent in your yard. You do some really great work and seem to get things done in record breaking time. Were you born with super powers or do you just do a lot of really good drugs?:jester:
    Just Curious,
  11. got a minute? let me take my shoes off,may not have enough fingers.
    ok lets see. 1 65 fastback,ahh 1 67 fast back, johnnys car. let me think .1 68 convertible,
    2 69 fastbacks, fingers holding out so far, 2 35 ford trucks, i am not finnished yet,1 36 ford truck, 2 37 ford trucks, almost forgot about them. um one 55 ford fairlane, 1 1923 ford C Cab delivery. phew i am getting there hold on . and for the pig in the poke ,1 78 trans am, thats right you heard me one gm . i am sure i forgot somthing,
    i will figure it out later. i can only work on about three at a time,how many cars did ford make? did i mention i like fords? come on over i will put you to work .the 65 conversion no longer belonge to me ,but i will be working on it some more, had to sell somthing .parts every were .in things under things .yea i need help, know a good shrink??
  12. I agree that there are a lot of torque thrusts out there, but I still like them. There's a reason why there are a lot of them out there. They look great. I have a chrome set on my black convertible and they look really good. They are also reasonable since so many people like them.

    There are also a lot of aluminum slot wheels out there and those were played out in the 80s IMO. Those rims look just enough different than most aluminum slots that they are good looking in my opinion. I think if you use them you will get some feedback from a few people that they are aluminum slots and played out, but those people will be in the minority.

    However, I would not put them on a '69 or '70 Mustang. I think the '69 and '70s look better with rims that have more spokes and are more aggressive looking.
  13. a friend of mine just gave me a rusted out 67 convert, says it was a play boy pink car. all the convert structure is good ,every thing else is kind of see through, invisible?
    comes with a pink and a marty report .if its free gime .found a 67 coupe for $500,
    fairly decent but just the body and doors . i see a 67 shelby convert .i got a new project wooohoo , help:chair:
  14. wound up re skinning the doors, had bondo and not a very good job. once again some idiot with a drill drilled it before bondoing it. looked like bonnie and clydes car after the shoot out:uzi: , blasted and epoxy primed the shell inside and out first .still waiting on the hinge pin and bushing kit. wow the gaps look great on the lid and end caps. didnt get the body work done this week had to work,was suposed to get the week off but you know how that goes. went to get more epoxy primer, guess what, disscontinued in california ,again ! soon we will have to paint with latex house paint.this is realy getting old. IMG_1745.JPG IMG_1744.JPG IMG_1746.JPG
  15. IMG_1753.JPG IMG_1751.JPG IMG_1750.JPG IMG_1749.JPG ah, christmass in june. some of my parts made it in to day. front bumper,hood peak, fender eyebrows and the trunk and end cap webbing .dont realy want the shelby leters in the webbing, want to do somthing a little different here .you wouldnt believe how expensive it is to do a 69, front bumper alone was over $500. didnt order the grill yet $$$$.
  16. got out the rest of the fiber glass. its been hainging on my wall and stuffed in the attic for about a year now. still didnt get the hinge pins and bushings for the doors ,cant do any thing without them. IMG_1758.JPG IMG_1756.JPG IMG_1759.JPG IMG_1760.JPG
  17. finaly got some me time. no one telling me what to do.just me and my hoss. got most of the body work done this morning, all in the rockers. had several small dings mostly from the inside, must have been assembly plant dings no other way they could have got there. simply ground them off with a flapper wheel .very few out side dents and very small, just took a few minuets. i dont like to use bondo but some times you have to .still have one small ding on the roof,
    and block sand and its time to come off the rotisserie. my primer is gone and not available any more. i guess i have to use what ever replaced it ,color isnt the same.
    and doesnt look as good. IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1763.JPG IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1765.JPG
  18. it was a perfect weekend ,locked my self in my shop,kicked on the exhaust fans,cranked the radio up, a little Rascal flats some Brooks and Dunn,even had an Eagles cd. fit the rear valance had to extend both sides about a 1/4 inch and that was a ford tooling piece, blocked the roof and both quarters this baby is flat ,that epoxy primer is as tough as cast iron, arms hurt like hell but it feels good, i am making progress, yeah boy IMG_1767.JPG IMG_1768.JPG IMG_1769.JPG IMG_1770.JPG IMG_1771.JPG
  19. taped the trunk gasket to the bottom of the lid ,wanted to see if it still fit when closed. perfect fit. the 69 gasket is a little softer than the 67-68 and its hallow so it compresses easier .i think it will work on the 67-68 lid as well. i will try it on johnnys car .
    did some more block sanding sanded across the end caps while bolted in place for a perfect fit and i will sand across the lid and end caps for a flush fit. its ready to come off the rotisserie, i just need a set of u bolts and mounting plates for the rear end. stang -aholics is going to lend me an old set for now, but there closed till monday.
    i guess some of us actualy get to take time off for hollidays.Warren at precision 4 wheel drive is rebuilding the 4 speed for me. that just leaves the drive line,thinking
    aluminum. the third member is done, n case detroit locker 31 spline with 3.50 gears.
    things should go prety fast soon as i get it on the ground again. IMG_1772.JPG IMG_1776.JPG IMG_1773.JPG IMG_1774.JPG IMG_1777.JPG
  20. IMG_1778.JPG IMG_1781.JPG IMG_1783.JPG IMG_1784.JPG well after a game of shuffle the mustangs,had to push the 68 out to use the lift.
    i got the 69 off the rotisserie. bolted an old rearend and leafs under it so i could roll it. now i can bolt on the tail panel .still no door hinge pins and bushings, so cant put the doors on. i just had to set the fenders on. guess i can at least finnish up the back half now.
    roof is finnished,blocked it 3 times .when i first striped the roof i must have removed a couple pounds of lead at the roof seams ,they are strait now.