Geting Ready To Start On My 69 Shelby Replica -et Five Spokes?

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  1. fit the tail panel, i had an origional set of t bird tail lights so i decided to use them. went with ford lenses and frames,had to sand the opening slightly to get the lenses in but not much. the lenses had a small amount of flashing along the edges that i had to sand off as well. already starded to true up the trunk lid and end caps. this will be my fifth 69 replica but this is going to be the easiest one yet .cant wait to start on the front. IMG_1785.JPG IMG_1788.JPG IMG_1789.JPG
  2. i finaly had to whip out the can of goo,bondoooo. a little spot on each quarter were it meets the end caps. the trunk and end caps are gaped. flush sanded across the surfaces. all the points hit realy nice.wound up spot glueing the trunk gasket in place ,every time i lifted the lid the gasket fell off. couple light high spots still to be sanded in the middle of the lid and every thing in the back is ready for primer and block sanding. fit the side scoops ,a little sanding on the mounting edges and no more
    gaps. looks like i have to work next week :neat:. no more me time . things will slow down a little for a bit, but its not going to stop me. IMG_1798.JPG IMG_1796.JPG IMG_1799.JPG IMG_1801.JPG IMG_1802.JPG IMG_1792.JPG IMG_1793.JPG IMG_1794.JPG
  3. hey guys ,how many of you have forgotten this little item? the radio have sheld out what feels like a million for that gorgeous paint job and guess what no antenna hole. nothing can get the curse words flying like the bit on the hole saw breaking off and the saw skipping over the newly painted fender or quarter:puke: . i was on line looking at 69 shelbys when i noticed i didnt drill the hole yet. i am going to fit every thing from the bumpers and brackets to the grill before i paint dont want to have to make any holes after IMG_1803.JPG IMG_1804.JPG
  4. what do you think,should i leave the shelby letters? dont realy want any shelby emblems on the car, i think it would look kind of empty with out somthing there
    any ideas? IMG_1805.JPG IMG_1807.JPG
  5. fit the exhaust collector . the only thing i dont like is the collector pipes are only 2 1/4 inch .they are very thick and i think they could be milled to 2 1/2. this is a branda piece and it is very nice. i have all the mounting measurements if any one should need them! IMG_1816.JPG IMG_1818.JPG IMG_1820.JPG IMG_1821.JPG IMG_1822.JPG
  6. 69-pol.jpg


    The crhome and black look awesome too!
  7. IMG_1037.JPG IMG_1038.JPG yes i do like those, close to origional but just different enough .i like the big windows.

    hey 68 vert i used to watch your thread ,how is it comming ,any progress? we need some new pics, i have a 68 that i am working on as well, pushed it aside for a bit to get the 69 done
  8. Just getting back to it - life and a bad shop put it on hold.
  9. i here that a lot lately .i dont know what is going on with some of these shops. seams like they have no problem taking your money but doing the work, and doing it correctly is somthing else. thats one reason i like to do it my selfe. not that i am a tight wad, skueeeeeek well not to tight any way . good luck and keep us updated .Jim
  10. Do you have anymore pictures of the 68? any additional details?
  11. yeah check out my album, 68 shelby convert replica . i am afraid thats about as far as i have made it so far. had the choice of doing the 68 or the 69 and the 69 won. 68 will be next years project, unless i win the lottery, or get hit by a rolls royce. betting on the rolls, or a buss.
  12. The 68 Looks great. Dropped mine off at the new shop today. They are groing to strip it down, get it media blasted again, and start fixing the damage.
  13. hey thats great,cant wait to see some new pics
  14. 6 weeks later, still no door hinge pins and bushings. i had enough! went to nappa auto
    parts. guess what? they have them hainging on the wall . took the hinges apart today, sandblasted them instaled the new bushings and pins ,primerd them and bolted them back on the doors. i hope to mount the doors tomarrow.
  15. i finaly got the doors on,primerd and ready for block sanding.
    next step will be the front end fiberglass. set the fenders in place ,looks like they will be an easy fit. famous last words. any way i am making progress now. IMG_2050.JPG IMG_2054.JPG
  16. got the pass. front fender on. i need to raise the door a rats whisker so it will line up with the fender .for the first attempt i am impressed, gap at the door looks like it is going to be real good. putting a straight edge across the door and fender its just about perfect. i only have 3 bolts tight and 2 just stuck through the front at the radiator support. the door posts on a 69 are not like the earlier years they are not paralel with the front of the door. they angle in at the front,every time you try to adjust the door it throws it another direction. i will have to play around with it tomarrow but i already like what i see. IMG_2055.JPG IMG_2056.JPG IMG_2057.JPG
  17. driver side fender is on, the fit on this side is as good as the other side. the drivers door will have to be raised just a little ,same as the pass. side. the gaps on the hood are beter than my steel hood .the hood runs flush with the top of the fenders,no bow what so ever. and look at the fender to hood gap .just about perfect and the hood is not bolted on ,its simply setting on the bump stops. the fender only has three bolts holding it on with 2 just pushed through the holes in the headlight area. shimming the fenders for fit like the origional will not be ncessary. i am very happy with the fit .a little surface sand for a flush fit and this is realy going to look good. i will have to take the front apart again and raise the doors about 1/8 inch at the front of each and bolt it back together again and i am ready for block sanding the front glass . black is looking beter and beter to me right now. IMG_2058.JPG IMG_2059.JPG IMG_2060.JPG IMG_2061.JPG
  18. Wow..... Coming together nicely! :nice:
  19. thanks, i am surprised how easily the fiberglass fits .the last 2 i did werent bad but this one just about sets in place. it was a very straight body,except for the doors. some idiot drilled them before bondoing them so i had to reskin them. the rest of the body was just about dent and ding free. i havnt had a running car of my own in quite a while so i cant wait to finnish this one.