Geting Ready To Start On My 69 Shelby Replica -et Five Spokes?

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  1. finaly, my borgeson steering kit made it in today. every thing is painted and ready to install. i got the new rag joint and hose kit so it should be a bolt in.
    the box is very nice but heavy, and came with the bolts. it will not go in untill the car is in paint ,i hope very soon. i have been very buisy and not had time for my car:cry: _MG_3317.JPG _MG_3319.JPG _MG_3320.JPG _MG_3318.JPG
  2. i finaly got the wheel caps for my shelby wheels. they have been on back order for a while now. _MG_3384.JPG _MG_3385.JPG
  3. I like what you have done. This is my 70 "Red Bullet", from a Mach 1. It has a 390 and top loader. It will be completed in a few months. IMG_4914.JPG
  4. that looks nice . i have had to pull off mine again to do other things. i am at the ready to paint stage if i get the time ,and figure out exactly color i want. i am stuck on black or gulf stream aqua. start a photo album or a thread i would like to see more pics:nice:
  5. In the first picture above, in gray primer, notice the passenger side firewall between the engine compartment sheet metal and the outer cowel above the torque box. This is the area that I need to replace on my 69. My question is why the bulge. Is it for strength, I can't see where it provides clearence for anything. This panel is not available . And it looks like it would be difficult to fabricate. Any suggestions on how to replace short of a new firewall.
  6. My vote is for Gulfstream aqua you don't see a lot of them.
  7. i looked at my other 69. and compared it to the 65 siting next to it . the outer part of the fire wall looks to be the same thing 65-69 .the only diff. looks like minor changes in the middle /engine compartment and that is not a whole lot. so i think that patch panel will work. the heater boxes are pretty much the same but the 69 has some extra pieces attached than the 65-66

    yep the 69 is a factory Gulf Stream Aqua car and will be returned to the correct color,some day. still cant decide on mine _MG_3564.JPG _MG_3568.JPG _MG_3566.JPG _MG_3567.JPG _MG_3570.JPG _MG_3569.JPG
  8. That was a premature reply. Thanks for taking the time to forward the pictures. I will buy a panel and let you know how it fits.
  9. definitely doing the bed liner inside and out after mine gets stripped!!
  10. i wasn't ready but i bolted in the front suspension today. the borgeson box bolted in place without a problem. i just figured out i didn't order tie rod ends and and an idler, so i had to use old ones . i just need to be able to move it out of my paint booth for now . the turn radius is not going to be right it doesn't turn enough. the two stops on the lower control arms either need to be bent or ground for more turning, the box will turn further. the coil overs bind against the upper a arm bad at full droop and actually a bit before would probably never get to that point street driving but i want to hit the road race courses and it will be a problem there,i am going to have to look into that. i went to put wheels on it so it will roll and found out my factory steel wheels will not clear the center of the rotors. i ordered two 245 60 15 BFG TAs and i am going to have them mounted on two of my shelby wheels, they will be here tomorrow . i have some primer and paint to spray so at least i will be able to use my booth now. _MG_3755.JPG _MG_3756.JPG _MG_3757.JPG _MG_3758.JPG _MG_3759.JPG _MG_3760.JPG
  11. got a call from Big O tires came in. yeah right! went to pick them up and they ordered the wrong tires :fuss: now i have to wait until hard is it to place an order when that is what you do every day all day long?:nonono:
  12. looks great so far.
  13. i just love the smell of brand new tires. i only bought the two fronts .now i can roll the car out of the paint booth. i went letters out ,i wanted black wall out every one else said letters out so i did. . i will have all kinds of clearance. 245 60 15 TAs sounds like a big tire but the shelby fenders have a big opening and i know they clear the rear . the guy mounting them was very impressed .he said one wheel only took a very small weight and one wheel didnt need any weights at all.
    i noticed when i had just the rims on they were very true ,no run out at all side ways or up and down. a little twisting on the tie rods to get the tires straight and i can move it out. IMG_3780.JPG IMG_3781.JPG IMG_3782.JPG
  14. Man I like those wheels
  15. i almost didn't go with them but i am glad i did .
  16. i got it out of the paint booth and into my shop.I GOT DIRT ON MY NEW TIRES:fuss: wish it was painted ...soon baby soon. _MG_3783.JPG _MG_3784.JPG _MG_3786.JPG
  17. i thought i had better fire up the 351 today ,it has been sitting for about 4 months now. gas poring out of the carb bowls .the gaskets had shrunk .a little twist with a screw driver and the leak stopped. come on spring time i am ready to paint .
  18. My engine has been sitting for almost 6 years now after coming off the dyno, I know I'm gonna have to go over it again, been turning the crank, but the ARP bolts have surface rust on them, I don't want to think about what inside.
  19. I think i finally found a 4 speed . A friend told me he has one and to come and look at it ,different friend ,not the one that took my first one :nonono: I will take it over to another friend and have him rebuild it . The last one he built for me ,i could shift with out the clutch .He used a race kit and it was wonderful ,shifted smooth and stayed in gear no mater how rough i was with it . Going to keep a close watch on this one :thinking: