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  1. would 245/50/15 tire fit on my stock rim or would it just look freakin stupid cause it would stick out too far? currently i have 225/60/15 but my girlfriend just got 245/50/16 on her 98 stang and it looks so cool, i cant have my woman show me up.
  2. would bow out a bit and be a pain to put on(for the person that is doing it) But it might work. Im not sure about the aspect ratio...make sure you check to make sure the total height of yoru stock rims with old tires are the same height as the rims with the new tires...
  3. Yeah, just go to the tire shop and roll a 245/50/15 out to your car and see if it is the same height. Thats what I did. 275/40/17's are a PERFECT replacement for the litte 225's on these cars. I just hope they dont rub. Oh and I also have two five star 16's for sale. If you buy both mine and ganador's you could make sure she didnt show you up...
  4. Lol...i didnt realise whered u get urs? I guess no one has a set of 4 16x7.5 5 star wheels? lol.
  5. They are probably different than yours, as they are the stock ones from a 2002 V6. One of them is bent, so technically, I have three for sale.
    But you could always put the matching ones on each side. Or would that be too ricey? Its not like you ever see both sides at the same time anyway.......
  6. lol...mine are from like a 96 mustang GT...i think mine are a bit wider half an
  7. mine are 7.5's too
  8. unfortunatly any set of new rims is completly out of the picture. i owe the parental units too much money. it would just be impossible to pass a new set of rims by them. new tires yes new rims no. too bad cause would LOVE a set of the silver FR500 rims. oh well. i have a slamin system and she dont. but she wants one, so until tht day comes.....
  9. Your speedometer will read 3.3 percent too fast with that aspect ratio, when you're speedo says 60, you're going 58. A 245/55/15 as the speedo will only be off .5 percent, when youre speedo says 60 you're going 60.3 but they don't make them. I don't see any on so you'll never find them.

  10. hehe...u have that nifty tire sizing device as well...i love that thingy...whats the link to it again? i lost it!
  11. Like I pay attention to the speedo anyway, lol

    Thanks for the info though, it might come in handy at 100 when I am really doing 96.7 MPH. Its close enough, right? Wait , you werent even talking about mine, oops!

    How far is mine off?
  12. oops
  13. well actually your speedo would say your doing 95when ur actually going 100 with a .05 percent error:D. It all depends on ur tires though...this isnt true for all mustangs...

    Btw devilish. What setup do you have?
  14. I have teh Cobra R 17x9.5's and Kuhmo Ecsta 712 275/40's all around ordered. But wait, you need to either choose the decimal or the percent, I think. One percent is one one hunredth and .05 percent is five hundredths of a at 100 MPH you would be one mile off for every percent. Now if you were trying to say 5 percent, I would understand.....but that is a lot of error considering in his original post hiattwl indicated that a particular setup would be 3.3% off and the other .05%. Or am I just confused again?
  15. Lol im not sure...maybe im confused...if i could get that link i would remember...its probably .5 percent...i was thinking of something else when i typed that....dunno too tired to think...
  16. 275/40/17's

    How good of traction do you get with that size?