Getting another car...can't decide which...

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Knife or, I mean Mustang or Camaro

  1. 2010 Mustang GT

  2. 2010 V6 Camaro

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  1. Hey guys, I'm getting another car on Monday and I need some (biased or unbiased) help deciding what to get. I have it narrowed down to 2 cars...a 2010 Mustang GT or (don't kill me) a 2010 Camaro. The only reason this is a tough choice is because the Camaro is a V6. They are identical in condition...the Mustang has about 33,000 miles vs the Camaro with 25,000 miles. The Mustang GT is bone stock with a 5 speed while the Camaro is an auto and comes with dealership installed aftermarket rims, CAI, window tint, and exhaust work...all under warranty. I feel like I can definitely talk the Mustang down from $23,888 to $22,000. Maybe I can talk the Camaro down to from $25,998 to $23,000 because it's been sitting at the dealer for months.

    I drove both cars and they're both nice...they handle well, accelerate well, and are both pretty comfortable. I have no qualms with getting a Camaro even if it's a V6, because forced induction will be in the future regardless of which car I get. Besides, I'm keeping my 03 and my another V8 while nice isn't a necessity for me. My problem is that I am equally interested in both cars. Neither car has an advantage or disadvantage to make a clear cut winner for me. Well actually, those Mustang rims and tires are hideous. And I'm not really liking the auto in the Camaro. Still tho, the only REAL deal breaker for me will be if I can't talk the price down to what I wanna pay. What do you guys think? What would persuade you to get either car? What would turn you off to either car? What other car would you consider or recommend? I need to make a decision by Monday morning. Thanks for your input and opinions...!! Oh, and I added a poll just for kicks!! Thanks guys...!!

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  2. Mustang for sure. That Camaro is just ugly.
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  3. GT for me. both are the same price, GT is better looking and has a V8. I know you want to go F/I but does the camaro have as good of suspension as the GT or will you be upgrading that too?
  4. The wheels on the camaro are horrible.
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  5. You said the Mustang rims and tires are hideous ???? Are you sure you didn't mean the Camros? Was that a typo? Anyway either car would be nice!!!
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  6. I'm confident there are more than just 2 cars for sale in your area. Shop around and find the car you really want instead of settling. You obviously don't like the wheels on the stang and don't need the auto of the camaro, so why get a car with these options? You are the one who will be stuck with the car.
  7. I'm feelin the Camaro rims...those Mustang rims and tires are skinny, they ain't gonna hold any serious power...
  8. Oh there are a bunch of Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers in the area...these are the 2 I've narrowed it down to. I did see a 2012 Camaro with a stick shift tho...for $27,000. I think I ruled out the Mustang...the body style just doesn't do it for me.
  9. Option 3, find a 2011 V6 Mustang and get the best of both worlds. It'll probably run right with the GT, smoke the Camaro, and get better gas mileage than either one while looking just as awesome as the GT which is a million times better than the ugly ass Camaro. I would imagine you can find one just as cheap as those... The price you're talking about is around what my brother paid for his brand new, even though he got a discount since I worked at the dealer the discount wasn't all that huge.
  10. Is this a serious question???
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  11. Those rims on the Camaro are fuggin fugly....
  12. Just noticed the pictures. I really hope you don't like those wheels on the Camaro :puke::puke::puke::puke:

    If you do... Well I don't know, the Camaro might be perfect for you. That or a Honda.
  13. Whats a Honda?
  14. Id prefer the V8 myself. Nothing against the Camaro otherwise.
  15. I'm afraid so Nightfire...I think I'm leaning towards the Camaro, which is why I asked for some biased input.
  16. Id get a V8 Camaro then if thats what you like the look of. Wouldnt do the v6 thing tho.

    And yeah... those rims are ghetto as sh^$
  17. As soon as you drive the V6 camaro away from the lot and hear a V8 of any sort pass you, you will regret your decision.
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  18. I definitely prefer a V8...but it's not a deciding factor this time because I have 2 GT's already. And the V6 Camaro is almost comparable to the 3-valve Mustang GT in power anyway. What do you think about the looks of each car 007?
  19. With exception to the 150 hp carb'd H motor in the 3rd Gen GM F-body of course...haha!! But maybe you guys are starting to get through to me...
  20. I was trying to stay under $25,000...I am approved for more than that but I didn't wanna go higher. Maybe I'll just man up and get a left over Coyote and call it a day!!