Getting closer, update pics!

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  1. Well it was a slow week as far as work getting done on the stang but a little progress was made, and I found a new home for the opal when she done also. The wires are almost all ran and i have to iron out a few snags that came up. Should have it all straitend out in a few days depending on what else pops up. Heres some pics of the motor and new home. As you can see i still have a lot of small bolts and some other eye sores to address before shes done.

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    Her new home
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  2. coming along very nicely, keep up the good work!
  3. Looks great man! I can't wait to see it at Carlisle, I'm sure I'll catch the H/C/I or built engine bug from being around you and 69clark's cars...

    sigh...I can feel the wallet emptying already
  4. Looking good. I like the master cylinder paint black!
  5. Looking great!
  6. The fusebox home looks real clean, I like that.

    Oh, and everything else looks good too :D
  7. wow the outside now this. Looking sweet bro

    Do you have another thread on what all you did to it and how you did the fuse box thats bad ass looking
  8. I like the valve covers. Where did you get them? How much taller than stock are they?
  9. Whats the part number on the moroso can you're using? I need to get one. Everything looks like it's coming together well.
  10. Thanks for thye compliments guys, I still have a long way to go to get it ready for Carlisle, But I'm on a mission to get it ready in time.

    MysteryMachine, The fuse box is just mounted on the inner fender well with a custom bracket and all the wires were ran throught the inner fenders.

    S/CBlack95gt, the valve covers are the AFM polished ones.

    95strokerPSU, Im not sure of the part # on the overflow can as I bought it at the local speed shop. I just took the measurements of where it was going to be mounted and matched them up with the closest one they make. They have different size cans so it depends where you want to mount it. I do believe summitt sells them also.
  11. Great build up....did you do the wire hiding by yourself or did you read a how-to somewhere from here? I'm looking for that thread lately because I intend on doing it to mine

    Everything looks great!
  12. Looks like there will be alot of competition a Carlisle this year! lol
  13. you just wait till i start showing my car there will be no reason for anybody else to show up LOL
  14. I did read some past threads about hideing the wires, but I think everyones method is a little different. Once you start you will see where every thing needs to go. I did have to lengthen some wires and stuff but nothing crazy. Moveing the ABS was a little tricky, other than that not bad.

    69clark, I didnt even plan on doing all this it just kinda happend. You know once the bay is all clean, you dont want to see some old a$$ crap hanging in there, so it kinda just snowballed on me, now I cant stop. Used to be the speed bug, now its the bling bug that has a hold on me. As far as competition I think I will need quit a bit more time and $$ to get this thing where your sweet a$$ ride is. Maybe in another year or so, for now its just getting it back together and running.