Getting Codes?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by viperos, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. hey, someone out there want to tell me the easy way to get codes for my 95 GT? someone told me at the track to just goto autozone... but the guy I talked to there didn't even know what a 5.0 was!

    -basically, what do I need to buy, or who do I need to see to get this done?
  2. You can get the scanner really cheap at Autozone. It's pretty easy to check for codes, and the manual does a pretty good job of explaining it.
  3. oh, I see...

    -what exactly is it called, or a part number would be really nice...
  4. I think it's only like $30 at autozone, though.
  5. cool, thanks a lot... will some autozones just give me the codes w/ one of their demo models? some people say that's what they do intead of shelling out the $30 :D
  6. get an auto x ray 35000 it reads obd1 and obd2, but the down side it costs between 350-400. It will pay for itself being that it can do imports domestic new and old.
  7. well, since every car my family owns is a pre-96 FORD except for my mom's Highlander... I don't think that getting the OBDII is such a big deal :D

    -we really are a FORD family...
  8. They'll do free scanning, but I think only on ODB II cars.
  9. The scan tool that autozone has is the scantron. Isn't worth $30. You can pay a dollar for a piece of wire and it does the SAME THING. Here is a link.

    All you need is a jumper wire, and you watch the CEL light flash. # of flashes determines the code.