Getting Ready To Buy A Teksid 4.6 Block, Many Questions On Build And Fi

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  1. Hey everyone im new to the site and i was looking for some advice on a teksid 4.6 build, i planned on getting trick flow twisted wedge 2v heads but i wasnt quite sure what the difference between the 390/375 top end kits and the 380/375 top end kit with 44cc heads and the 38cc heads. I was wondering what kind of pistons i should get and i was wondering if the t5/45 transmission i have in my sohc 4.6 would bolt up to the teksid bell housing or if id be better off getting a t56, i would get the t45 rebuild to be able to hAndle the horsepower but wasnt sure if it would be worth it. I have many other questions but these are the questions i wasnt able to find searching around. I do know the 44cc and 38 cc on the heads affects compression i would just like a little more info on combinations to go with those heads. I have read that to have the 2v heads on the teksid block, it is required to drill a hole for the water passage but i was wondering what else i would need to do to get the heads to run smooth with the block. I appreciate any info or suggestions on the build and thank u in advance!
  2. welcome aboard, I've moved this to the appropriate forum where you'll find more info
  3. Thank u very much, what forum should i be posting under?
  4. The teksid block has the same bell housing bolt pattern as any other 4.6 blocks. But make sure the block you are getting is not from a continental as they are fwd and will not work. Trans questions depend on what kind of power you plan on making. Lot of people do t56 swaps. I'm keeping my 5spd (3650) and having it beefed up for what I need. I'm in the process of building a forged teksid motor myself there's a lot of info out there. Are you running stock bore/stroke? What supercharger?

  5. This one.... Your questions are tech related for a 4.6 liter so that would fall into the sn95 4.6 tech section
  6. Thats good news because i was just gonna get my t5-45 trans beefed up, did the 3650 come out of a cobra or a gt?But i still dont have a full game plan on the build but i was looking to make around 400 hp N/A but i wasn't quite sure what else i would have to do besides the 2v trick flow twisted wedge heads and trick flow track heat intake manifold as well as headers and O/R x pipe. I also figured i would have to get dished pistons so my compression could be around 11 to 1 or so but i still dont know what companies would sell a whole lower end kit with all the essentials, any info on quality kits or ideas on the build are greatly appreciated.
  7. 400 NA??? Damn, you're going to need EVERY single bolt-on available, along with the TF heads (a good machining wouldn't hurt), some MAJOR cams, intake, and high compression.

    My entire lower end came courtesy of MMR. They are top notch in my book. For as much as you'll be spending to get to 400 NA, you'll get there much cheaper with forced induction :shrug:
  8. Don't forget the part that will pull those 400 na horses together, the 11,000 rpm shifts.
  9. Well i had read up quite a bit more on the trick flow heads and i had read that they really only start to show more improvements over pi ported and polished heads after 7000 rpm and i dont plan on shifting that high at all, my car is a daily driver and i juat wanted a stang that is fun and daily drive frirndly so i may just do the teksid block with pi heads, better cams and other bolt ons here and there. I know i wont be anywhere near the 400 range but atleast it will be a little quicker and a little bit more fun. I just figured if i was gonna end up with a 6 or 8 grand engine i might as well just save up to get the ls1 in my rat rod project. Now my main question is should i even bother getting a teksid block or will my block i have now be fine? I still plan on putting new internals in the block i just wasnt sure if the teksid block actually gives me more power than any other 4.6 block
  10. Or if the teksid block is just better because it can withstand more horsepower
  11. Iron blocks will handle 800+ all day. If you only want 400hp there's no reason to waste $2000 on forged internals.
  12. Well in that case the machineist at my shop has a 4.6 out of a 2000 crown vic police special and we have some pi heads up the machine shop, u think i should just throw it together with that? As well as cams and other parts here and there
  13. Yea def wanna go the pi route and you can do significant bolt one with the money you would spend to build the forged short block. I know personally I've got $2000 in pistons rods and a used termi crank. $350 for teksid block. So that money can get you a lot of bolt on items and still never hurt the stock internals. I would suggest also regearing the rear if you wanna some inexpensive pep.
  14. Stock block here. These iron block are tough s nails and will handle a lot of power/abuse.+
  15. Yeah i was already planning on putting 3.73 and getting the whole diff rebuilt with etoan parts, what other kinds of bolt ons should i get beside, a better intake manifold, plenum, throttle body, headers, x pipe, and mufflers?
  16. Personally if you're planning on staying naturally aspirated a good port and polish on pi heads and a mild street cam. The more air you can introduce the more power you can produce; if budget allows of course. But you can so slmost all of these bolt ons for the cost of a forged lower end.
  17. Well i still wanted to build the block though because i have all the resouces. Since i work at a machine shop, maybe not doing a 4000 dollar block rebuild but i still want to throw new pistons, rods, lightweight flywheel and bearing but i think ill probably just end up keeping the 6 bolt crank. Also i wasnt sure if i should go with -18cc pistons and end up with 9.5 to 1 or get the -23cc pistons and end up with 8.9 to 1, my cars a dailly driver so i would like to be able to put pump gas. I just figure if im gonna build an engine i might as well do it right and since i still have a running engine in my car, im in no rush to build the other block
  18. I plan on getting my tranny rebuilt next week and my rear diff the followinf week, then i will start throwing together the other block
  19. I was wondering if the termi crank is a 6 or 8 bolt crank