Engine Getting Ready To Mod, But Concerned.

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  1. I am collecting parts in preperation for the big mods. I currently have a 373 ring and pinion, shift kit, bbk headers, exhaust, lowering springs, kyb adjustable shocks and just got a trickflow tf upper and lower. my concern is...i just picked the upper and lower up from a guy who said he is parting his stang out because he could never get it to run right and had nothing but issues. he was running trick flow heads, intake and a b303 cam. That is the setup i want to run, but now im concerned i will F*&k my car up.....any input?
    94 gt completely stock.
  2. Input #1:

    You posted this question in the tuning forum yet, it is not a question about tuning. o_O

    Input #2:

    Yes... the potential exists for you to screw something up if you have no attention to detail, do not know what you're doing, and don't take the time to do the reasearch before you begin.

    The TFS intake is a nice one. Ensure that the mating surfaces are flat prior to installation. Your limiting factor will then be your mass air meter, throttle body, and elbow so don't expect there to be a HUGE GAIN from installing that intake.

    If the headers are used then expect to do some cussing when they don't fit correctly or don't seal.

    Your lowering springs and shocks are going to be basically useless (if you're going for performance) if your car is still sporting 20 year old rubber bushings and worn out control arms.

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