Getting rid of the TF street heat, and goin Cobra

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  1. Well, I have called and talked to numerous people and tried to figure out why my car is slow as a honda with nitrous. People have told me that my intake is too big for my setup and that I am loosing tons of bottom end, and that is true. The moment I put this intake on, I lost tons of bottom end and didn't feel like I gained anything. I thought, alright, maybe the cam sucks, so I put in the cam (210/218 duration, .480/.500 lift) and I don't think I could feel any gain. so, I spent all this money and I didn't get anything.

    So, I bought a cobra intake off ebay with bolts, gaskets and everything for 374.95. I am going to sell this Trickflow and hopefully not loose much money. If the intake doesn't fix it then I guess it then i will take it to ford, have it diagnosed to make sure everything is running good. Then take it to the dyno tune and get a chip and crap. If all that doesn't fix it then I will just have to rip this engine out and go twin turbo 347 with t56 tranny. :rolleyes:

    Anybody have any opinions here? I know I have been told to go with the TFS 1 cam and advance it 4*, but I was talking to the people at T/H Performance and NC racing and they say that they don't think it would make that much of a difference and the tech guy at Summit didn't think so either :banana: Anybody know? before I go and spend 700bucks getting this thing tuned and crap.
  2. Congradulations, you are PISSING away money :nonono: I had a TFS street intake (too small for my 302 combo) and it had plenty of bottom end and the car was quick. Spend a few bucks on a few dyno runs before swapping intakes which will NOT help a god damn thing.

    Your so quick to blame the intake, but its your own fault for throwing a combination together w/o matching anything. Maybe the CAM is wrong? Maybe the TUNE is off? Maybe you CAN'T drive?
  3. I doubt the cobra intake will do much...might want to look at that cam first. You know why the performance of the Ford Racing E cams are hit and miss...because people dont degree them in. If the cam is off then your car will NOT perform. That TFS intake is very good and has been proven...look at the combo as a whole and each component.
  4. okay pyscho the car came with GT40's and a whole lotta other stuff. I don't think I am completely at fault here. I didn't mean to offend you by blaming the intake... I have also blamed tons of other things, from the clutch to the TPS sensor. Calm down

  5. its alright man, just take a look at that cam and where its actually installed at and where its supposed to BE at. That will make or break the car's performance.

  6. I did do the cam right and it everyone has told me that it is a good cam with good numbers. The trick flow intake on a 302 gained a little bit of horsepower and a tiny bit of bottom end. Then the 347 test were the Street heat lost 28 ft/lbs of tq from the stock. And also, they use these intakes on supercharged cars, my car doesn't need that much air.

    And another thing pyscho GreenLX, I am loosing about 15 bucks and 4 hours of labor.... its okay, I just wont drive my car for a day and save gas money.

  7. sorry, that was for Green LX
  8. the cam was installed straight up... new timing chain and all the gravy.

    Maybe I should just put in a 5.10 gear or something.
  9. The TFS and Cobra intakes are very similar, and operate in practically the exact same rpm range. Both are great for anything from stock bottom ends to mild heads. Your wasting your time and money. The intake is not the problem.

  10. cobra looks better.... and its lighter, but I was told by people that see this stuff everyday to get rid of this intake. Im not saying it didn't make any power, but on my setup it is just too much.
  11. I am trying to HELP you. There could be many things to blame, the intake is NOT one of them. I tell it like it is, the truth hurts some people. You in turn think i'm a pyscho. I think your the pyscho for wasting time and energy putting something on your car that isn't needed.

    You need to look at the TUNE, the guy behind the wheel and the clutch like you said. But go ahead, put the cobra intake on and expect miracles :rlaugh:

    If your serious about REAL intake tests, check out the ones on AFM's site.
  12. :stupid:

  13. Ya know, thats what every E-cam owner will say. Dot to Dot is NOT exact for anything...its a guess at best. That is the easy way to do it, the ONLY way to know where the cam is at is to degree it in the PROPER way.

    Im not sure why you posted on here, you have already made your decision. You are comparing TFS's smallest intake to a cobra intake. Not a Holley Systemax, Victor jr, or TFS R intake where the cross section of the intake is A LOT bigger. The TFS and Cobra intakes are so similar that its not going to solve a BIG problem. I bet that you wont even feel it...and if you do, it will be in your head.

    You need to find the problem instead of trying a bunch of bandaids(gears, different intakes, etc) because what you have should work. Like was said above by that crazy freakin PSYCHO dude :p , you cant just throw something together and expect it to work. There are a lot of other variables that could be affecting it.

    Althought i question the internet "racers" sometimes, its funny that no one has agreed with you. Yet, you say everyone says to get rid of the intake...i guess everyone with those intakes should then huh?
  14. I would think the same that the intake may not be the issue, but if you lost considerable amount of power after the intake install, I would double check everything(checking for vacuum leaks, codes, fuel pressure, timing (if you removed the distributor for the lower intake)ect...) Did you have the stock intake before? I noticed a gain going from stock to the gt-40, I would assume you would should have noticed a gain going from stock to tfs intake
  15. I agree with everyone else, I dont see how the intake is causing the problems, theres a thousand variables here, and yet you have not gone into ANY detail about your car, or what exactly is the problem, saying "my car is slow as a honda" can mean many things.

    Try reading stickys before posting and then getting pissed off when people give you retarded answers to even more retarded questions.
  16. One other thing, you do realize that the TFS intake is rated for its power band at idle-5500 right?

    Whats the power band of that cam? That doesnt mean much since you dont even know where its installed at.

    If you think that you really are down on that much power, then downsizing isnt going to get it. The TFS street heat is what people compare to the Edel. Performer. Both of those intakes are proven time after time after time. What makes you think its too big? Dont just listen to guys who run their mouth...listen to guys who run the stuff.
  17. and does your car have nitrous or the honda? :lol:
  18. I wouldn't compare the Cobra and the TFS intake. The TFS's share the same lower, which has larger ports. Larger ports than nessasary results in loss of velosity, which usually effects bottom end the most. I could see where they would match TFS heads, but not the GT40's.

    Crunchie: Did you do a compression check? Leakdown test? Check fuel pressure? (under load) Check ignition timing? Check Cam timing? Exaust back pressure? How much vaccume do you have at idle/2000rpm?

    Your cam I am sure is good for bottom end, very conservative, just a step over stock. However, if it is retarded much that could deeply result in bad bottom end. Clogged exaust can also do this but not actually effect the running of the car. Fuel pressure might be fine with low flow but what about once you start using it, does pressure drop? Bad compression or leakdown, your beating a dead horse.

    Always sell the TFS intake, so no not really wasting money.
  19. wow, I missed the part were I was getting pissed off... still not mad after all the negative comments. Im glad all you guys have had good luck with the intake, but I made more torque by putting on my stock intake. I talked to lots of people, sorry if those people haven't chimed in here... I guess that makes me a liar.

    I am not wasting any money here, not anymore then I would spend on gas or some other small thing. And my time isn't that important, so sorry but not really wasting that either.

    and yes greenlx you are still a pyscho, but this time I will point out that I was being sarcastic so don't go crying about it.

    I will list my mods for those people who cannot read my signature... hhhmmm (aliate X)

    TF Street Heat Intake
    Cobra GT40 Heads (lightly ported)
    GT40 Valve Train
    Underdrive pulleys
    255lph Fuel Pump
    24# Injectors
    76mm MAF (yes calibrated for the 24#'s)
    BBK Full Tube Headers
    BBK X Pipe
    American Thunder CB
    Steeda Tri Ax
    Struts/Shocks (KYB)
    LCA, Subframe Connectors
    FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers
    MSD6AL/Blaster Coil
    Timing at 16*
    Fuel Pressure with Vac off is uhhh 32 or something
    and I probably forgot something, but there ya go.

    everybody here needs to calm down, the intake is a hunk of junk, and that is my opinion. The Cobra may not make me more power, but overall I think it is cleaner looking, and it will compliment my GT40's.
  20. I agree with everyone, and say the intake is not the problem. It is most likely something else. Check the piping, check your hoses and see if you have any leaks. What is your timing set up at? Play with that and see if it makes a difference. As far as the positioning of the cam goes, whether it is advanced or retarded, is where the power band will be. so if you are losing it on the bottom end, you should be gaining in the top end. But you know what, if you want to swap out the intake go for it, it is your car, your money, your time. Maybe when swapping out the intake you will find the problem. Good luck.